By: Revanche

Redemption Junction

October 3, 2009

First up, Quizno’s Coupons, exp 10/16/09:

1) Buy one sub and a regular fountain drink, get one sub free.
2) $1 off one sub, $2 off two subs, $3 off three subs.
I don’t like Quizno’s anymore, but I hope that any fans out there can use one of these deals.

Second, the silver lining to recent overspending mean that credit card rewards redemption time rolled around much more quickly than usual. My Chase Cash Plus check arrived in the mail: +$50

Third, slow and steady email clickthroughs have finally yielded a $25 gas gift card from MyPoints. That’ll defray a bit of the recent and upcoming driving.

Fourth, FINALLY redeemed Swagbucks for a reward. Would have gone for Amazon GCs except my savings accounts begged for a cash infusion. $5 is better than nothing. HOW is everyone accumulating ‘bucks so quickly? I feel like I’m the slowest earner ever.

Now that I’ve settled up the bill for Dad’s tickets, I’m on a mission to get lower auto insurance rates. Wish me luck!

4 Responses to “Redemption Junction”

  1. Sense says:


    Re: swagbucks, I earn about 1 SB a day by searching. Um…ONCE I earned 2 SB for that. I refuse to install their toolbar and I seem to be VERY behind on their SB code giveaways, so that’s all I do.

    I’ve redeemed my SB’s for one $5 Amazon GC, and have earned 11 more since…but yeah, it’s pretty slow-going for me too.

  2. It seems as though a lot of people search for every site they visit. At least that’s what I assume they are doing based on my stat counter.

  3. I just got the widget (I added it to my iGoogle) and I check it a few times a day to see if there are codes out. Sometimes it gives you the code directly and sometimes it gives you a clue about where to find the code. However, I think the best way to accumulate swagbucks is to have a million people use you as a referer. You get their first 100 swagbucks and if you have a few people who get really into it, it can add up real fast.

  4. Revanche says:

    Sense: Thanks! I’ve hit the 2 SB for searching once or twice before. I’ve only caught a few of the toolbar/Twitter giveaways too.

    Heather Solos: I suppose that works better than if you’re searching seriously, SB search only turns up a fraction of hits that Google gives you.

    me in millions: You’re probably right about referrals because the most time/cost effective.

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