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What I didn’t buy this week

October 22, 2009

The Privo Kivas were on sale at for $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping.  I couldn’t find any deals on the shipping, and they don’t pay for returns, so I passed.  The price is now back up to $41, only ~50% off of MSRP. 
Regret factor: Low.  My blistered feet don’t thank me for this pass.  On the other hand, I didn’t know how comfortable they’d be or how they’d fit, so I would have been out $8+ return shipping if they weren’t good. 

This cute silk ruffle scarf top from Banana Republic. Available in my size in teal or purple for $19.99, but hand wash only, and no free shipping.

Regret factor: Medium.  My non t-shirt wardrobe is mostly variations on the button down shirt theme, and I’ve been looking for a few nice shirts that could be casual but not t-shirt casual.  But hand wash only always gives me pause, I’ve got to be very particular about how much more complication I bring to my life and hand wash isn’t high on that list.

The sweaterdress from Kohl’s on sale for $23.99.  It was cute, and even fit me, but the neckline is just a little too wide, and the fabric was on that side of scratchy.  Probably not the best of materials.

Regret factor: Low.  Knit clothing is always iffy in my book because of the care needed so whatever I purchase has to look stunning to be worth the extra work.

And for the return bin…..

This has to be the last of my close, but no cigar, interview tote attempts.   The straps aren’t designed to drop down/bend so they either stick straight up or bend very unattractively.  It’s only a matter of time before they start cracking and breaking. 

9 Responses to “What I didn’t buy this week”

  1. I bought that shirt from Banana Republic last month in the purple. For way more than $19.99 I might add. And good for you for having such restraint!

  2. L.A. Daze says:

    I like that BR shirt as well, but you’re right, handwash is a pain. I usually toss items like that along with my other clothes in the delicate cycle. Never had a problem.

  3. Handwash sucks.

    I also don’t like drycleaning. 🙂

  4. I have a lot of hand wash only clothing and I never wash them by hand. Instead I buy those handy little laundry bags for delicates. Basically you throw them in the bag, zip it up and wash as usual. There are all kinds and they can be found in any Target, Walmart, etc. Sometimes I get daring and throw dry clean only items in the bags (do this at your own risk.) I’ve never had a problem.

    I should also note that I’m super anal about how my clothing laundry is done. (Towels, sheets, PJ’s, and workout clothes get rougher treatment.) All my clothing gets fastened up, turned inside out, delicates get placed in the bag, and everything gets washed in cold water. I hang dry anything that I wouldn’t want to become damaged, misshapen, or shrunken. Turns out that also extends the life of the garment!

  5. 444 says:

    Every time I buy shoes online it is a bad experience, and a costly one due to return charges or eating the cost of shoes not worth returning (and making them a nice charitable donation.)

  6. Revanche says:

    me in millions: How do you like the shirt? (Now I’m just rubbing salt in that wound!)

    L.A. Daze: me = lazy.

    FB: Amen. And my drycleaner’s prices are totally make them up as you go.

    Cents in the City: I’ve often wondered if those bags were really worthwhile – do you use a lot of them to give each piece a little more room to move?

    444: My minimal rules for online shoe shopping include free shipping, and free returns (or returns to store accepted).

  7. SavingDiva says:

    I also have a problem with non-tshirt tops. I’m always on the lookout…

    I agree that the shoe pass was a good idea. Without free return shipping, you could have spent quite a bit on a pair of shoes that didn’t fit.

  8. It’s a shame that the handles on that bag suck, it is a neat-looking bag.

    By the way, I saw a Yaona Baraschi dress at Anthropologie and I thought I remembered you really liking it & it being like $400 – this was several months ago. The link is below to the dress at Anthro.. it’s $228.

  9. Revanche says:

    SavingDiva: That’s the main challenge of shopping online. You don’t have to browse a whole store to find nothing, but when you do find something you can’t try them on!

    paranoidasteroid: The shape of the bag is why I bought it despite the handles … I guess that’s just another lesson not to buy something for a component part rather than a perfect whole! 😛

    Thanks for the link! I saw that Kate of Jon+Kate was wearing that very dress to some book signing or some such recently.

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