By: Revanche

Mailbag and Home again!

November 11, 2009

Happily, no jet lag, but definitely a little discombobulation after returning home late.  The suitcase remains unpacked which is distinctly odd – opening mail and unloading the suitcase are usually the first things I do when I get home. 

Some ramblings for y’all ’til I get it together ….

Had Ramit on in the background for 45 seconds.

Water Bill
48% decrease.  What happened? 

These shoes came in, but the day after 7 hours of travel and fat feet is not the time to try on new shoes. I mostly ordered them to check for fit (they have free shipping and free returns), and for the $25 off next purchase coupon.

Returns pile
I went to the trouble of buying a pack of AAA batteries in NY for my mouse. That I left at home in CA.  And then found out that I actually just needed a single AA.  Back to Walgreens later today.

Cobra/Open Enrollment
This is a whole other post – but turns out I still get to participate in O.E. this November.  Oh goody!  New rates!  Oh wait. …

Netbook lust
I was woefully out of touch this past week because my regular laptop [which I love!] is just too heavy to schlock around the city.  The longing for a netbook is pushing me to consider …. dun-dun-duuunnnn…. BLACK FRIDAY!

Feel free to weigh in on that last topic, folks, recommendations, warnings, etc.  No enabling necessary!  I have set the boundary: it has to be under $200. 

4 Responses to “Mailbag and Home again!”

  1. I checked best buy USA quickly, and the range for the price is around $250 for the cheapest.

    Maybe you can get an older model for cheaper?

  2. WellHeeled says:

    Netbooks are SO AWESOME. You should totally get one. Immediately. And just let cuteness be your guide.

    [end enabling] 😉

    Honestly, I’m lemming for a netbook too.

  3. 444 says:

    I approve of the shoes!

    Thanks for your blog comment, btw. I will sift through the comments later. Right now I’m just sifting through my desk (replacing it and can’t put a new desk where a junkheap now stands).

  4. Revanche says:

    FB: Oooh $250 is almost acceptable … ugh, but we have insane taxes so it’ll be more like $275. Meph.

    WellHeeled: We need to band together and get a group discount! Did you know you can get the Dell mini in PINK? 🙂

    444: I wish I could too. They’re so cute, but awfully hard around the sides … I sense blister city pending. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and conclusion.

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