By: Revanche

Paradise Lost

November 24, 2009

Hamauna Bay (Ha-na-oo-mah in Hawaiian)

I’m home!  Or am I?

All good things must come to an end.  I’m back from this month’s travels and amazing though it was, I’m glad to be home. My body’s been frantically waving the white flag for a few days now.  It’s had trouble coping with the demands of travel and living with a large mixed group so I had to make allowances like checking baggage  which costs extra money. With United, you can check your bags online and pay a reduced fee, but make sure that your credit card is accepted!  My friend’s wasn’t, and she ended up being recharged at the counter for a total of $70 instead of the $55 we were quoted online.

Meanwhile, my brain is still in Hanauma Bay.  For $7.50 per person, and another $9 if your face is too freakishly small to use borrowed gear and must rent a kit, you can go snorkeling!  Turns out, if you sink like a stone without snorkel gear, you will also sink like a stone with snorkel gear.  But if you have a swims-like-fish friend who’ll tow you along, and can get over sounding like Darth Vader underwater which totally freaked me out (*shiver*), then it’s not so bad.

Meanwhile, back “home,” the brother left an envelope with $200 in cash, I wasn’t attacked with updates of bad news upon walking in the door, and I settled in rather peacefully.  Even managed to vacuum an entire room without more than two interruptions.  Seriously, where am I?

4 Responses to “Paradise Lost”

  1. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET job on blending into your surroundings, girl 🙂

    You have a future as an X-Woman.

  2. WellHeeled says:

    What a clever post title, no? 😉

  3. SS4BC says:

    lol you’re adorable!

  4. Revanche says:

    @FB: With lots of practice, someday I’ll be able to chameleon the things I touch as well. 😉

    @WellHeeled: Oh no! Forgot to credit you and Milton!!

    @SS4BC: 🙂

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