By: Revanche

Slacker McSlackerby

November 14, 2009

On one friend’s crises [feeling overwhelmed, needing someone to talk to, going to the ER, reporting back from the ER] alone, I’ve squandered at least 6 study hours over the past two days.  Add to that my serious lack of concentration, and you might see why my highly productive run-up to the NY trip was so very much NOT duplicated today. 

I meant to study a new section, do the homework and take the quiz.  Now I’ve run out of time to study and take my quiz since it’s a forced completion deal online – once you start, you MUST finish.  Crap.

It’s not like I’ve gotten nothing done since my return nearly 96 hours ago.  Au contraire!  I have ….

  • donated books to the library 
  • collected and donated two boxes of stuff to Goodwill
  • rounded up and junked two more boxes worth of trash, old decrepit mementos from the junior high era 
  • printed dozens of coupons for MoneyMateKate 
  • scanned and filed away a sheaf of paperwork
  • sorted out half a ream’s worth of used paper for the printing of coupons 
  • made a Walgreen’s run 
  • helped a friend sort through some troubles [unspecified for privacy’s sake] 
  • counseled a friend on family money matters [a bequest, an educational fund, investing, banking] 
  • run two loads of laundry 
  • read 5 new comic books 
  • watched 7 episodes of Sports Night 
  • began to normalize a sleep schedule of 12 am- 8am
  • had a delicious burger dinner one night, an even more delicious BBQ dinner another night 

Admittedly, not everything on that list was really truly being productive.  But I should get points for honesty, even if not buckling down?  Or not.  It doesn’t really matter because my books are coming with me to Hawaii and *sob* that should be punishment enough.  I won’t even ask the professor for an extension, I’m just going to [finally!] bite the bullet and get it done one way or another.

4 Responses to “Slacker McSlackerby”

  1. eemusings says:

    All sounds pretty legit to me! I don’t think I’ve ever been that productive in a WEEK!


    “read 5 comic books”

    I put on my list: “Ate a whole Mars Bar”


  3. Waitminit! You could’ve been studying in front of the television, right? Last night I indexed 25 pages of mind-numbing page proofs (medieval history!) while watching Cops and America’s Most Wanted. Admittedly, it WAS hard to tell which activity was more mind-numbing….

  4. Revanche says:

    eemusings: All in the name of avoiding homework! And y’know … getting stuff done …

    FB: Hahha, you love those Mars Bars!
    I could claim the comics were research, but that’d be lying. Sheer decompression.

    Funny About Money: I COULD have. But I actually only ate in front of the “telly” — really the laptop because I don’t use the tv. The DVD must be returned soon after having been on loan for over six months and not watched.

    I’m losing my ability to multitask with audio in the background …

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