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Christmas shopping/ordering complete!

December 18, 2009

Is it cheating if I should get two more gifts, and can’t think of good ones?  I think the answer to that is “yes.”   But I’m pretending that it’s not right now to conform to my rules below. 

Edit:  We’re in the clear — I happened across a great Groupon deal, and though it meant that I had to ASK them if they’d be interested in the event, bought them rock climbing packages.

My official list was shorter than ever this year.  I’m not going to reveal the gift recipients, but thus far I’ve stayed within my guesstimated budget from the November Snapshot of $150-200.

  • 1 tauntaun sleeping bag from — $116.98  

Holy mackeral shipping was expensive! Ground shipping cost $26.99!  But at least I know that’ll be delivered in time. And it’ll be totally worth it — half the fun of this gift is the surprise, the other half is that it’s been a running joke, one way or another, for years. 

  • 2 t-shirts from — $28.99 22.99 

When the prices dropped again, I canceled the first order and submitted another one. They still arrived in time to be wrapped and sent back out.

This is the most I’ve ever spent on shipping for a gifting season, but I’m also ordering from non-standard stores.  I missed out on the Threadless tees I really wanted (Polar Farming or Cheesy Friends), but the two that I did find were funny enough and fit the personalities of the recipients.

Lastly ….

  • 2 of the following: 1 hr lesson, full day of climbing and all equipment rental: $30 
Total spent:  $169 

Over the years, I’ve developed the following gifting rules:

A) Gift must be something the recipient would love and not think to get for him or herself
B) Gift must be a reasonable price
C) Gift must be something the recipient could actually use: no knickknacks or future clutter
D) Always use coupons, sales or any possible combination thereof
E) Creativity trumps all
F) No obligation buying!  No throwaway gifts for people I felt I should have bought for if they don’t also conform to the rules above.  Scratch E, thoughtfulness trumps all. If I don’t know them well enough to find something they will love and use, then I shouldn’t get them a gift.

How are y’all doing with the gifting season?

7 Responses to “Christmas shopping/ordering complete!”

  1. Grace. says:

    Oh, to have your Christmas budget! I think I’ll be able to stay within mine this year, but then again, MY budget is $1600!! (This is what happens when you have kids, who grow up and have kids–let it be a lesson to you!

  2. I *thought* that outside me and Mr. Saver, our budget would be $300. Think I’m around $400, but will have to tally up receipts. *sigh*

  3. I really like your gifting requirements! I’ve been kind of dreading Christmas because it feels so obligatory. It also seems like you put some real thought into your gifts which is amazing and I’m sure really appreciated by the recipients! I’ve cut my list dramatically and I still haven’t really started shopping 🙁 Luckily I have some time off next week to handle all my shopping.

  4. Abigail says:

    We’re more or less in line. Total spent this season will be $250-275. That’s for Tim, me, my mom, his parents and his mom’s best friend and her husband. (The last two are considered an aunt and uncle, and they take really good care of Tim’s mom. So we wanted to thank them.)

    Tim’s budget was $150 for me, plus a $25 Visa gift card. He already gave me one gift — a 1 hr massage. He thought I could use it during the actual holiday season. Plus he’s terrible at waiting. He has warned me he may go over by $25ish, so I set aside a little extra.

    I bought:

    1. A Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game. $10, found at a yard sale in near-mint condition.
    2. A PSP, free with rewards programs. He got it early since he is trying to quit smoking and needed something to do with his hands. He loves it to pieces.
    3. Some Star Wars collectibles — Darth Maul figurine, bank and one other thing I can’t remember. $35, on Craigslist.

    My mom just finished her thesis and is officially done with her BA, so I got her a spa kit from The Body Shop. $6.30 (and 63 cents cash back) for a spa kit, with the loyalty program rewards.

    Tim’s mom loves butterflies, so he found her a glass butterfly necklace at a mall kiosk that we both know she’ll love. $5

    Tim’s dad gets a nice watch from Stein Mart for $15.

    Tim’s aunt gets a nice silver necklace with her initial on it. $7.

    Tim’s uncle, along with his wife, manage the community they’re in, so he does a lot handiwork. We got him a magnetic wristcuff: so you don’t have to worry about dropping nails, etc. $6. And some set to help him work on cars. $7.

  5. Shtinkykat says:

    Ha ha ha. Whoever is getting the Taun-Taun sleeping bag is a lucky guy/gal. It even has pre-printed intestines! (Hopefully it doesn’t smell as bad as Han Solo claimed.) I think I’ll get it for myself when I plan my next trip to Hoth. 😀

  6. Revanche says:

    @Grace: I’m just lucky, I guess 😉 Actually, my family has proliferated beyond all reason so I think that’s part of why present buying just stopped abruptly. I blinked and my cousins’ families quadrupled – I can’t even keep track of all their names anymore.

    @RainyDaySaver: Oh I hope you came close to your budget! You guys have a pretty long list of giftees, too. (I think Grace’s beats everyone’s.)

    @HighClassLowIncome: Thanks, I try to make sure everyone is happy. And nothing makes me happier than a really thoughtful gift or NO clutter. 🙂 Good luck with your shopping this week!

    @Abigail: Good job on the PSP! I still haven’t built up enough Amazon money to buy a game for my DS but I <3 it just the same.

    I love the magnetic wristcuff idea!

    Shtinkykat: I know, right?? 🙂 I love love love it. And yes, it passes the smell test — it’s fluffy and soft and smells good and .. I want it for myself.

    @RizzoTees: Thanks!

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