By: Revanche

Suddenly Saturday

January 30, 2010

Hey hey, it’s Saturday!  We’re reminiscing, updating and swooning over puppies today.  You’re welcome to join!

My last report of getting better was a bit ambitious, I still sound like a warthog. I imagine that a warthog rumbles and coughs something like this anyway. 

Remember when …. 

phone calls at a phone booth only cost a quarter?
Or are you from the dime generation?
I’m from both. (35 cents)


Round One: Unemployment has run out this month, and I’m still in post-application, post-interview limbo, so Extended Benefits FAQ say:

Once you have exhausted your entitlement to your regular UI claim, you may be eligible to file the first extension. If you are eligible to file the first extension, EDD will automatically file the first extension and send you an additional Continued Claim Form, DE 4581. No action is required on your part.

Meh, I’m not terribly enthused about relying on someone else to take care of my business, but I don’t believe in universally painting everyone on the government payroll with the same brush so I’m going to shet up and fill my wait period of ten days landing a job so I don’t need the extension.

Settling accounts today … 
Some invoices have been paid, others have not.  Just in time to log some income on this month’s ledger before I show up terribly in the red!

Chegg didn’t deliver one of the books I’d ordered and it turns out I don’t need it anyway so that order’s canceled and a return processed ($56).

Meet the Boerboel South African Mastiff puppies [Ustream live here]

3 Responses to “Suddenly Saturday”

  1. Puppies!!!! Hubby and I are already wondering about all the stray kittens bound to turn up around our neighborhood in the spring, thanks to the abundance of stray adult cats. Must. Resist. Cuteness.

  2. Hope something comes up soon. Those puppies are ADORABLE!

  3. Revanche says:

    @RainyDaySaver: Oh goodness, I always wish we could keep up with the strays but catch and release is so much work.

    @notesfromthefrugaltrenches: Thank you! They are, aren’t they? Bit of balm for the soul.

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