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Giveaway Central: Pear Budget and Business Cards

February 12, 2010

I’ve got a queue of things to give away, but as we’re well into tax season during which people swear to start better recordkeeping, and it’s still the first quarter of the year, I think it’s practical to start with tools for organization and business.

**You may enter both giveaways, you just need to tailor your entries for each one! I’m keeping track of entries separately so you have equal chances for either prize.** 

Free one-year subscription to the upgraded online PearBudget 
Value: $36

Co-founder Charlie Park was kind enough to drop by and let me know that all my major objections to the software had been addressed in the online version and offered me a free subscription as well as one for my readers.  I encourage you to drop by and try their 30-day free subscription to decide if you like it.  You won’t need a credit card for the free trial.

How to Enter: 

(One entry)  Leave a comment including “Pearbudget,” your name and a valid email address.
                     Tell me about your current tracking system and what you love and hate about it.

(One entry)   Follow me and tweet this ONCE
                     “Win a Pearbudget subscription from @RevancheGS:”

(Two entries)  Blog about this giveaway
                      Link back in a comment to let me know.

(Two entries)  Subscribe to my feed  (If you already subscribe, let me know in a comment)
                      And lure in a new reader who would sincerely like this blog and hang out for good times. Actually I have no idea how you’d do the latter, so instead you can regale me with a story about how you would have done, if you could have.

Rules and Restrictions

1. I will select a winner at random using a number generator.
2. My decisions are final.
3. Pearbudget is responsible for changing your account to a free account for a year after I select a winner.
4. Open to anyone with an internet connection. 
5. Giveaway closes 11:59 pm PST, March 2nd.

500 business cards from Uprinting  

Uprinting’s at it again, so for those of you who still haven’t snagged a set of business cards for yourself or your blog, you have a chance to win a fairly snazzy set here.

The Specs:

Sizes:  2 x 3.5”, 2 x 3”, 2 x 2” (square card) or 1.5 x 3.5” (skinny card)
Paper: 14 pt gloss cardstock, 14 pt matte cardstock or 13 pt recycled uncoated cardstock
Specifications: Full Color Both Sides; Offset Press; 3 Business Day Printing

The ordering process should be pretty simple (though playing with the template designs might take you a while). I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered business cards online the first time around, though it was with another company.  If you like, you can check out what other swag and doodads you can order and print online at their site.

How to Enter: 

(One entry)  Leave a comment including “Uprinting,” your name and a valid email address. 
                     Tell me what you’re going to do with the other 400 cards because, let’s face it, I’ve never given away more than 100 of any set of business cards ever.

(One entry)  Follow me and tweet this ONCE 
                      “Win Uprinting business cards from @RevancheGS:”

(Two entries) Blog about this giveaway
                       Link back in a comment to let me know.

(Two entries) Subscribe to my feed (If you already subscribe, let me know in a comment)
                       Come back and tell me a funny story. (Optional)

Rules and Restrictions

1.  Open to US residents only. (Sorry guys! They’re paying for shipping, I don’t have a say in this.)
2.  I will select a winner at random using a number generator.
3.  My decisions are final.
4.  Uprinting is responsible for everything that comes after I pick a winner and tell them who to reward.

5.  Giveaway closes 11:59 pm PST, February 20th.

Disclosure: There may be something in it for me in exchange for posting this giveaway, but I don’t know what it is yet, or if I’ll even accept it.

21 Responses to “Giveaway Central: Pear Budget and Business Cards”

  1. Do I have to use UPrinting in a valid sentence? Was the previous question valid?

    Anyways, I don’t have any business cards, but I would like to have some. I don’t know if I’ll give away more than 10. So the other 490 are going to be used to build Business Card Castles in my room.

  2. vilkri says:

    What to do with the 400 unused “Uprinting” business cards? – I will have them keep the other sets of 400 unused business cards company. The more the merrier, right?

  3. Sunflowers says:

    I would pass out the UPrinting cards at networking events (I have to go to them eventually, even though I hate them < .<) and advertise my (yet to be set up <.<) proofreading website! :) My email is!

  4. Sunflowers says:

    My current tracking system is… well, nothing. It was Mint, and then it was a GoogleDocs spreadsheet, but then I got really bad about keeping track of anything. I blame… ok, I guess I have no one to blame. 😛 So PearBudget would be really useful to help me get back on track!

  5. Ummmm current tracking system is a notebook with my penciled in chicken scratch, LOL. Pearbudget might help me stay on track…

  6. You KNOW I subscribe – of course I do! 🙂

  7. Mrs. Money says:

    Pearbudget- I don’t really do anything right now. I have tried Mint but wasn’t a fan. I need something!

  8. Mrs. Money says:

    I tweeted too. 🙂 You are one of my twitter bffs. 🙂

  9. Mrs. Money says:

    And if we hung out, I’d have you come over and we’d watch a chick flick and eat popcorn and sweets.

  10. bmolavi says:

    Please add me to the Uprinting giveaway!
    I’m looking for a way to use the business cards to personalize something on my wedding day. . .

  11. Danielle says:

    Pearbudget – I am using Mint. Certain aspects of Mint (let’s say, their freakishly accurate tracking of my underwater home) is giving me an ulcer and I need a new alternative.

  12. Danielle says:

    Uprinting: I have business cards for my day job, but I’d really like cards that showcase my websites. I am one of the few people at my firm who goes through a half box of cards per year and that is 1000, I think. I’m quite certain that I can go through 400 as I attend many marketing events and use every chance I get for a little self-publicity.

  13. Gossip Girl says:

    I have no budget tracking system. Thgouh two days ago I did start the pear budget months trial, so, obviously, a free year would be more than amazing!

  14. PearBudget? Not so much. UpPrinting? Oh, yeah! W-a-a-a-n-t UpPrinting.

    If a person were to be so fortunate as to win PearBudget, could she or he donate the year’s subscription to a charitable institution or a deserving individual?

  15. Revanche says:

    @Investing Newbie: That was a valid sentence. 🙂 I just meant that you need to indicate which (or both) items you were commenting/tweeting/etc for.

    @Vilkri: The bigger the party, the better? Or something like that?

    @Sunflowers: Noted and noted!

    @Rina: Heh, of course you subscribe. ’cause you’re great like that.

    @Mrs.Money: Popcorn… yummm….ooh, let’s do kettle corn, too!

    @bmolavi: Done.

    @Danielle: I was just thinking you needed to stop seeing those home values. Bad for your blood pressure.

    @Gossip Girl: Please send me your email address to add to my records in case you win!

    @Funny about Money: Oddness, I can’t click through to your site from your name. But if you want to enter for PearBudget so as to give it away, you may! Just let me know. I’m tracking entries separately, you don’t all go into the same pot for both.

  16. Kathleen says:

    I use Quicken but don’t really like their default spending categories (though I fault myself for not looking into customizing them). I’d love to give PearBudget a whirl though if I win!

    kcinca at excite dot com

  17. amarantac says:

    I use a combination of excel for budgeting and my online banking aggregator (think but through my bank) to keep track of all my accounts. It’s annoying to reconcile the two! I have heard great things about Pearbudget, however, hope to win and try it out!!

  18. I’d really find the uprinting helpful for my latest venture. I’ve subscribed to your fee via google reader. thanks!

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