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’tis the Season for Sweeties

February 15, 2010

 Did you know it’s Girl Scout Cookie season?  Carolyn and I were tweeting about it a while ago, I think.

Those with the connections have already placed their orders whilst others have had to eagerly await the intrepid entrepreneurs setting up their tables outside grocery stores.  Alas, I’ve lost contact with my main dealer who would deliver so I’ve been waiting to buy retail with the latter group.

But you know what? I’ve been out there. Nary a Scout to be found.  What happened??

It’s not an addiction anymore, but I do like to have two boxes of Trefoils on hand a year. They’re my indulgence.  Of course, they don’t hold a candle to Walker’s Shortbread, but neither my arteries nor my wallet can afford that particular goody in high quantities.

Happily, I’ve got a friend who has never met a Girl Scout Cookie table he wasn’t willing to fund, so heaven help his finances but every Girl Scout with a quota should set up shop near him.  It’s a guaranteed $20 sale, every time.  He doesn’t even eat them, he just wants to support the Scouts and make the kids happy.

That means his ordered boxes of Trefoils will be my Trefoils.

My preciouses ……


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15 Responses to “’tis the Season for Sweeties”

  1. Man, I have a major sweets addiction but I’ve been without girls scouts cookies for a long time. I just don’t ever see them around colleges/universities. I hope you locate a “dealer” soon for that fix.

  2. Money Funk says:

    my coworker’s daughter had a sign up sheet. but on my way home the Girl Scouts were set up at the park. Stopped. Bought a box of lemon creme and thin mints. Go to my grocer’s…they are swarming there. Alas, I must walk a mile to eat one cookie. 😉

  3. That’s sweet of your friend, but the girl scouts will accept a cash donation at the cookies table if he doesn’t want the cookies! The girls will get more money for their troop that way too!

  4. I haven’t seen any, but I’m guessing that’s because of the weather. I’m partial to the Thin Mints and whaever they’re calling Somoas now (the coconut + caramel ones?).

  5. Back in the 60s I sold cookies. They were 60 cents a box! My troop got 3 cents/box. I hope the percentage is greater now. Not to be a party poop, but I prefer to give cash donations as mentioned above. But then I’m not that much of a cookie lover.

  6. Bucksome says:

    Our local girl scouts did away with the pre-ordering system this year meaning we got them a month earlier. Woo hoo!

    We have two staff with girl scouts who are the office suppliers. I left the office with 3 boxes Friday (and bought one for Operation Thin Mint).

  7. I think I avoided the Girl Scout cookie run this month — even though I LOVE Samoas. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them when I’m still working off Christmastime weight, haha.

  8. Do girl scouts sell multiple times a year? A co-worker’s daughter put up the cutest poster in our office to sell her cookies, but that was in January. I’m not a fan of any of the cookies though…they aren’t chocolatey enough for me.

  9. Kathleen says:

    I’m in Boston and take the T and the Girl Scouts are EVERYWHERE. I like cookies but for some reason am not that fond of Girl Scout ones in particular (I know, the horror), so I’d gladly trade places with you!

  10. eemusings says:

    I literally havent seen Guides or Brownies selling ANYTHING in years. I think it’s a dwindling thing – nobody wants to participate and nobody wants to volunteer to lead. Sad.

  11. Revanche says:

    @SeeJaneGetRich: I’m going to bide my time, now that I’ve been promised Trefoils.

    @MoneyFunk: THEY STILL HAVE LEMON CREMES?? *drool* *rethinks patience of above*

    @negative_net_worth: Oh, I didn’t know that! I’ll be sure to tell him…

    @paranoidasteroid: I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like Samoas. It’s the coconut.

    @FrugalScholar: And I used to be a Cookie Monster, so it’s hard to pass up the cookies. But I had no idea the percentage was so low! I’m surprised that didn’t come up in conversation when talking to GS parents.

    @Bucksome: You are a lucky, lucky woman.
    I used to send boxes of cookies to friends in school, but I can never remember which are the favorites anymore.

    @RainyDaySaver: I’m guessing you can’t just buy and store for now, hm?

    @Investing Newbie: I was only aware of one cookie selling season, perhaps the pre-order and storefront sales are treated as different “seasons”?

    @Kathleen: I’m mildly horrified. But accept that we need people like you to keep the demand within reasonable limits. 🙂

    @eemusings: Really?? It’s still, evidently, going strong here.

  12. If you don’t want to leave Girl Scout cookies to chance, here’s what you do. Go to, put in your zip code to find the Girl Scout council near you. The council site should have a cookie page. Some councils have a booth sale finder where you can again put in your zip code and find out when and where girls will be setting up their booths. Or there may be an email address or phone number where you can call to get cookies. They may refer you to a girl in your neighborhood.

    -From a GS volunteer

  13. Carolyn says:

    You know, I haven’t seen them around anymore! (Which is fine b/c I bought, like, 20 boxes the first time…) I wish they would GET RID of the hydrogenated oil part.

  14. savings says:

    I looked it up a few weeks ago… they should be in and around the la area within two weeks, depending on your exact locale. I’m definitely breaking my sugar free diet for a box of samoas 🙂

  15. Revanche says:

    @Polly Poorhouse: Thank you for that information! Now I can track down some more cookies.

    @Carolyn: We did that the first time we had the delivery service… though I think we ordered 40 boxes. Lasted through the whole summer!

    @savings: *squee!*

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