By: Revanche


March 27, 2010

Girl Scout: “I think you should buy these cookies, sir!  They are the healthiest!”
Friend: [thinking, are you calling me fat?] “Thanks but I’m buying these for my mom. She doesn’t really care about healthy stuff.”
Girl Scout’s mom: “Oh honey. No one cares about health, that’s not the way to sell them.”

Girl: “What happened to the toilet paper?”
Boy: “It’s not there.”
Girl: “You used it up?!?”
Boy: “No, I took it out.”
Girl: “What?!?”
Boy: “Look, I can’t keep all the stuff you keep adding to the pile…!”
Girl: “But it’s just one…!”
Boy: “The point is, if I keep all the stuff you keep stashing in my car…”
Girl: “It’s just one roll of toilet paper!!!”
It’s true, darlin’, ever seen Hoarders?  You don’t want to be a Hoarder.

Driving home on good old SoCal freeways the other day, I encountered 4 speed racers (drivers in wee rice rockets frenetically changing lanes at 90 MPH), a dozen bikers one of whom popped a wheelie for half a mile in the fast lane, a car that had accordianed itself against the car in front of it, a fire, and a disabled vehicle/sitting duck right in front of a major interchange.  Talk about a danger zone!



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2 Responses to “Anecdotally”

  1. Karen says:

    That sounds like I95 on any given day.

  2. Revanche says:

    Absolutely frightening. Seriously.

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