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Precapping My Moving Adventure

March 16, 2010

Now that I’ll be moving out, several things have to happen.

Moving Budget:
I successfully negotiated for a relocation allowance. They will either pay the service provider directly or reimburse me for all reasonable relocation related costs that include direct moving expenses (moving of household goods, storage, travel expenses during the actual relocation, and temporary housing). It’s a shame I can’t apply those funds towards anything else! It’s generous enough that I can afford to use movers instead of packing up a car and driving up the coast, though.

They relieve the hours-of-driving headache, replaced by the Why-won’t-you-answer-my-calls? headache. It took a solid week for one of three companies to respond to me. Lame lame lame. An appraisal appointment has been scheduled to determine a quote for my stuff.

I’ve begun splitting some boxes into “stays” and “goes.”  After all, I’ve got to maintain the illusion I just travel a lot for work and still live at home and wield authority. Thanks to the Staples Rewards rebate offer from earlier this year, I’m set for bankers’ boxes in case I opt out of full-service movers.  The concern there is that they likely won’t take responsibility for anything broken or damaged during the move unless they pack it. On the other hand, it’s probably just easier for me to organize and pack everything.  Decisions, decisions.

My car’s likely to stay here with my parents. They need, and I need to know they’ve got, a reliable car with all the driving to adult day care and to medical appointments.  But in two weeks, I’ve got to be outta here, getting ready to start my new gig. More than ever, I need to conclude my search for the new used car.  Mostly because I hate the whole process, though.

In the meantime, may become my new best friend as I learn to navigate public transportation up north. Sorry Sigalert, we’ll still see each other when Friend calls for the daily traffic update.

I know it sounded melodramatic when I said I’d be leaving my hometown and friends, but the budget’s tight enough that I don’t think I can afford to travel back all that often. Not so often that I’m going to be able to have sushi nights with Robin, random comic shop stops, go hang out at Surrogate Family’s house.  My family’s basic needs are more important than my hanging about with old friends, so if it comes down to a bill or charging a flight, you know what I’m going to choose.

My medical life has been rather extensive, especially over the past five years, so while I’m still covered by COBRA, I have to sign some records release forms to transfer all of those records to my new doctor whoever that may be.  I’m hating that idea because my specialist doctor and my dentist is extremely responsive and helpful and I know how difficult it is to find a good health care practitioner with whom you can form a rapport. 

Ugh, more unsubsidized spending.  Behind me, the entirety of my professional “wardrobe” hulks in an assorted mass. There’s no beauty in that functional group, and desperately needs a fashionable mind to shape something of it.  Honestly, a few minor additions would likely be sufficient to last the next six or more months, but what those will be remain to be seen.  I wouldn’t be so anxious about it if the advice recently tendered to always dress better than my staff weren’t so true.  Certainly competence and professionalism go a long way, but we all know how crucial first impressions and visual impressions are to forming an opinion.  I’m going to need better clothes and even better make up to offset my superficial youthfulness and properly command the attention of an established team.

On the make-up front, I finally bow to my mom’s years of scoldings, “Wear some make-up!  At least try!” [insert teenaged groan]  To be fair, there were days I wouldn’t have been happy to be seen with me, had I seen me before leaving the house.  But I digress.  A good friend has been generously sharing her expertise and we created a list of the most basic cosmetics to form my First Time Ever make up kit.  [insert more whining] More about that later.

Now that I’ve moved past the notion that I could possibly afford my own place, I’ve come to accept that shared housing is in my future. Since living in more suburban neighborhoods doesn’t cut me off entirely from public transit, I’m much more open to that option.  Besides, I don’t need to live in the more urban areas for access, I’m too old to party and will be too poor to go out! 😉

Experienced Movers (by which I mean anyone but me):
Have I forgotten anything? Does anyone have moving company recommendations?

12 Responses to “Precapping My Moving Adventure”

  1. Carrie says:

    i just want to mention that i’m very happy with kaiser as my insurance/health care provider so if they’re an option i’d pick them. they’re an hmo but very unique because they’re also the doctor and the hospital so everything they want to do is always approved and your best health is in the best interest of the insurance company and your doctor.

  2. Michelle says:

    Golly, I’m so happy for you…make sure you get REAL insurance on your shipment – either start a renter’s policy now or ensure it’s covered on the homeowners’ policy now in place while in transit?

    Also, ask your drs/dentists if they have any recommendations about finding same/similar in your new location – you never know who they know!

  3. Will you make a trip to look for a place to rent? Ask people you know (i.e. the company you’ll be working for) if they have any recommendations regarding which area fits your criteria.

    Remember to call the utility companies to tell them when to begin service for you. You don’t want to arrive w/o water, electricity, or gas.

  4. I am so thrilled to hear your news.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Haha if you need makeup, I have TONS and am happy to send some your way. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on the new job and move!

  7. Sounds like you’ve got it all under control. I’m sure it’s overwhelming, but from someone who’s moved many, many times, it will all work out!

  8. Make sure when you do move, you take one suitcase with you that you can live out of for a week. This will save you much anxiety. Make sure if you have your own bathroom, you include a roll of TP in your week suitcase. Then you’ll really be all set. 🙂

    Movers usually won’t move lamps with bulbs in them.

    If you have to take things apart to move them, put the screws/nuts/miscellany into sandwich bags and tape them to whatever they go to. GENIUS.

    Remotes should get taped to their respective electronic devices. CRAZY GENIUS.

    It’s nice to tip movers. I have a lot of crap and am generally a PITA to deal with when moving, so I always have a six pack of cold gatorade for the movers and some fresh fruit to feed them. They do you no good if they pass out from heat exhaustion, am I right? I’m so right.

    Work clothes: I hear you loud and clear. Buy classics. My mom says always wear earrings, and she’s onto something. A pair of hoop earrings or a pair of pearl earrings, one pretty necklace that matches your hoops or a string of pearls provide you a lot in the way of accessories. They class up any manner of get up. I like scarves, cheap ones, from import stores (do you have a 10,000 villages near you?). I wear them with a plain navy blazer, a lands’ end oxford, and khaki slacks. It’s my version of a man’s business casual uniform. It’s not trendy, but it’s classic. I can wear the blazer till the cut is no longer in, and the oxford and khakis are good until I inevitably stain them with lunch. But until then, they are practical and full of win. Lands’ End is good for classic pieces, as is Talbots. But then, I have to wear conservative lawyer costumes when I dress for work, so if you can be more feisty in your new work, then your mileage with those stores might vary.

  9. This is so exciting! Movers are the best ever — it was such a huge relief to hop on a plane with a suitcase while someone else brought my Stuff.

    I wish I had more helpful suggestions — but I don’t. I just think this must be so thrilling for you! (Even if you are a bit nervous.)

  10. mOOm says:

    I’ve done a lot of international moves with movers. There can be a big difference between quotes. I’ve always got boxes from them to pack the small stuff myself. But it does take a long time to pack stuff properly – I’ve learnt from experience how to do it well. So with not much time it might be worth letting them do it. Depends how much stuff you have. Of course, leave large things that don’t go in standard boxes for the movers to pack. Make sure you have stuff like a letter from your future employer to help with renting somewhere. Happy to answer any questions!

  11. I don’t have any moving advice, but I do have $0.02 about dressing for work. You’ve got right mentality on the initial impression stage, but once you’ve commanded the respect of your peers and your superiors, then I say bring fashion to your role. Nothing too crazy, of course, but professional and feminine.

  12. Revanche says:

    @Carrie: Thanks for the input, it’s good to have that sort of recommendation from someone actually using the service!

    @Michelle: Thanks for the reminder, I’ve taken care of that insurance now. And aw crap, I forgot to call my doctors this week. *note on schedule for next week*

    @Jersey Mom: Yes! And have done, actually, so we’re in good shape on that end. *exhausting stuff*

    @Frugal Scholar: Thank you! 🙂

    @Carolyn: I’ve got a couple basics but would loooove some colors! 😀

    @Working Poor: Thank you very much!

    @RDS: It’s very overwhelming. I’ve done the short hop (within same city) move more than once, and helped TONS of people with their moves but have never actually left the home I shared with my family. Having twinges and pangs.

    @Dogfood Provider: I almost wish you made bad points because there’s so much to take in, but you’re so right!!

    Am setting aside the first week’s clothing now, and keeping everything as organized as possible. How much should you tip movers?

    We don’t have an 10K villages that I know of, but I’m in love with the idea of a blazer. Need a blazer. Can’t spend money. Dangit!!

    SP: I’m trying to stuff E-ver-y-thing into boxes. I don’t want more than the suitcase of absolute necessities and my purse when I leave.

    mOOm: Everything will be self-packed because I’m keeping it as simple as possible. Or that was the plan. I’m starting to get overwhelmed by boxes as I’m keeping them all in the same room. But almost all my clothes will go into a wardrobe box, and everything else is small enough for packing boxes… so we *should* be in good shape.

    How do you keep things organized as they’re packed away?

    @Investing Newbie: I’m keeping it as simple as possible right now: classic lines and minimal make-up that I can handle.

    Nothing looks worse than trying too hard and failing to make it subtle!

    Real fashion can wait until I have money and sense. 🙂

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