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Benefits Enrollment

April 14, 2010

Oh, the excitement of having benefits again!!  I’m already a forms + applications geek, but it’s been 9 long months since I had the privilege of drawing a paycheck from whence benefits sprang.

There are about 15 different plans administered by 4 different health care providers.  I took the path of least resistance and re-upped with Kaiser for now because I’ve heard good things (via Carrie Actually) and it was the cheapest premium with the most coverage.  I’ve never had a problem staying in-network and I hope the healthcare providers in this area are good enough that trend continues.

I’ll go with the ubiquitous provider here, and this coverage is 100%.  I’ll only have a minimal deductible, and the usual $1500 annual benefits max.

Surprisingly, they’ve got vision covered. I haven’t had a chance to evaluate the plan closely but my vision needs tend to be simple.  Thanks to a long-term treatment, I have to have an eye exam every year which I should get anyway.  Also, covered 100%.

Life Insurance
The usual 2x salary benefit is covered, and I opted for an additional $200k which will cost me $9/month. I can now cancel my outside coverage that costs quite a bit more per month ($50).

Short term/Long Term Disability
Covered 100%.

Flexible Spending Account 
I opted in. Of course!

Commuter Benefits
Also opting in though I’ve never used it before. You can use it for both parking and transit.  Even though I have the car, I’m going to take public transit when I can.  Wageworks is sassing me, though, so it’ll probably take until next month to become effective. 

My monthly cost should be around $250 – mostly pretax. A pretty amazing deal, considering the economy.

3 Responses to “Benefits Enrollment”

  1. I use Wageworks. Tip: Use those tickets on the first of the month! I started using my tickets before, and they wouldn’t honor a refund when my ticket came “late” and I had to buy a new one. They are pretty sassy…

  2. Kathleen says:

    Was your long-term vision treatment Lasik by any chance? I’m considering getting that myself some day but am still scared of going under the knife.

  3. Revanche says:

    @Investing Newbie: I’m confused, were you using 8-trip passes?

    @Kathleen: No, mine is actually a treatment for a medical prob and it can adversely affect vision.

    I know at least half a dozen people who have had Lasik with varying degrees of success, though, everyone seems pretty happy with it though some folks still have to wear (lower RX) glasses because their eyes were so bad.

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