By: Revanche

I need a netbook!

April 12, 2010

How cool is this Lenovo Skylight? 

I could be typing this on the netbook at work on my lunch break instead of frantically tapping on the iPhone on my ride home.  My hands are cramped enough already. 

More importantly, I can easily carry the netbook to and from work for note-keeping purposes and keep confidential information on my employees secure.  The 1-subject spiral bound that I’m using to take notes during every meeting is just not going to cut it because I have to keep taking it home with me and it’s positively NOT secure when I’m at work.  I can’t very well put a diary lock on it, now can I? 

There’s a touch of concern that it’ll just look uppity carrying a netbook around the office, but frankly? To save myself the time and pain of typing up post-meeting summary translation of my hand-scribbled notes and to be able to secure all employee related files on a flash drive that I can easily pop into my purse?  Call me MS. Uppity!

In all seriousness, a netbook’s not in the budget. I don’t even have a new saving plan set up – I’m still waiting on my first paycheck to straighten out my budgeting. But I surely would love to make some room for it.

[small part of me pipes up: “You’ve already spent thousands already, what’s another two hundred dollars?”  *smack!!* “Cuz shut up, that’s what!”]

The Skylight’s not to be released until later this summer, and there’s no way it’ll be affordable — ’tis a Lenovo, after all.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?

13 Responses to “I need a netbook!”

  1. Aaren says:

    One, that Lenovo is really nice! Two, I have a Dell mini that my parents got me for Christmas, and I have to say, it’s really nice. I use it for depositions and trials, and I do have a deep love for it. This doesn’t help you at all, but once you get your new pay and do your budgeting, maybe you can splurge on yourself sometime later in the year.

  2. Jersey Mom says:

    I find myself looking at the Apple iPad… it just looks really neat to have. But what I really need is another laptop. We’ll see if there’s money left over at the end of the year.

  3. I know how you feel about wanting a netbook. I’ve been terribly itching to get one too but it’s not in the budget.

  4. I was about to say that it was only a couple hundred dollars, but that would make me the bad conscience. So in an effort to be good, forget everything I just said. LOL.

  5. L.A. Daze says:

    That actually looks cute. I’ve never been interested in a netbook, and I don’t think i’ll ever be either. Thank goodness for that. I don’t need another thing to lust for.

  6. savings says:

    The Apple iPad! It’s super amazing 🙂 The keyboard takes some getting used to, but you can also use the wireless apple keyboard as well. (Sorry, I have a deep love for all things Apple, and a deep rooted hatred for all things not.) And they’re really not very expensive…

  7. Oh, be still my heart – the Lenovo is gorgeous! Such a sleek design. I purchased a Mini 9 from Dell when they first came on the market. It’s been perfect for taking notes at work, and even encouraged my employer to purchase two units for business trips. With all the new restrictions surrounding carry-on baggage size, it’s nice to save the extra space!

  8. Karen says:

    I should loan you mine ’til you get one lol. I don’t think I’ll be traveling again anytime soon!

  9. Revanche says:

    @Aaren: It’s mostly the cute factor which is a completely unacceptable reason to buy expensive electronics in my book.

    I’m going to work really hard to pay down my Debt to Self and build up some reserves before I spend on a netbook .. I have one alternative I hadn’t even thought of to get me through for now.

    @Jersey Mom: One of the execs just got one and told me to get one. But uh, it’s no good for computing, he says, which is no good for me.

    @AP: *sigh* Yeah.

    @Investing Newbie: LOL! Well the thing is, it’s not true that it’s only a couple hundred dollars. That I could maybe deal with. It’s really something like $350 plus tax which is about $400 or $500 and up which is just way too much.

    @L.A.Daze: You have the good shoes for me to lust after 🙂

    @savings: Oh darlin’, that’s too rich for my blood.

    They START at $500. And tax. And peripherals (I’d have to get a special case for it, etc.)

    @Educated Pauper: Welcome! If I could convince mine to … no, that’s never gonna happen. They’re so tight on budget there’s no way they’d subsidize or pay for one for me.

    @Karen: LOL! You might not be, but I’d hate to risk your poor lil netbook in the mail coming and going!

  10. I love my netbook. It’s not as nice as the one you drool over, but it does the job. I ditched my full-size plus laptop for traveling once I got this little Gateway.

    I can throw it in my purse or tuck it under my arm.

  11. Ohh… I’ve been drooling over the idea of getting a netbook since last year (at this time!).

    When BF asked me what I really wanted for my BDay, I debated telling him about the netbook. But maybe me and him could go halfsies on it – or else I will have to foregoe a shopping ban for 2 months.

  12. Karen says:

    @Revanche Well I wouldn’t entrust it to the USPS. It’d be one of the shipping companies- either one 🙂

    I’d still try to see if the company would buy you one.

  13. Revanche says:

    @Bucksome Boomer: To be honest, I’d be perfectly content with a much more run of the mill ‘book. It just needs to do the job!

    @aspiringminimalist: I’d be tempted to answer the same as well but I’d feel equally guilty.

    @Karen: I can borrow one, that’s about as good as it gets. But that’s still no good because I don’t really want the company to have access to what’s on my computer since I’d do personal stuff too.

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