By: Revanche

March Snapshot

April 1, 2010

Time to face the music ….. 

Most notably, I’ve dropped out of the six-figure club in a big way. 
1.  The car: $8250.  I don’t count it in the asset column because it’s a depreciating possession. True, I could actually sell it for more than I bought it for (verified by the fact that another car buying friend’s market research) but I don’t intend to turn around and sell it and have to buy yet another vehicle.  I have the cash, but for the sake of full disclosure, I’m including the upcoming insurance in this total because I pay for the full term in advance. 

2.   Moving expenses: around $2000.  Again, I included all the currently due and upcoming charges on my credit card now.  No creating a false sense of security for me, thank you.  Never mind that they’re reimbursable, until the money is in my account it doesn’t count.

3.  I have multiple outstanding invoices for around $1500. Again, I don’t count those as cash in pocket until it’s actually in my pocket.

I’ve made a few changes in my accounts 
Since the Tax account was cleaned out for the car, I’ve changed it to Pin Money for now. Essentially, miscellaneous.

Moving Money might permanently change to School Money, but we’ll see if I can get any financial aid when I restart classes again. I’m taking a quarter off to concentrate on work.  That money might be donated to insurance and maintenance.

I’ve been ignoring losses and gains in the TradeKing account but there’s no good reason to – after all, I track the gains and losses in the retirement accounts. 

Cash flow looks like blood flow
My transaction log shows that I’ve spent about $11,000 this month against an income of $2,700.  No debt (except to myself) was created so that was all saved money rushing out the door.  Painful.

Finally …. 
I could really use a paycheck by the time I’ve paid off the credit cards.  They don’t come due this month, I’ve just got them tallied in because the charges are posted to the account; the cushion will hold a little longer.  By the time charges are due, I’ll have a couple checks under my belt.  And then we’ll see how the new dual-household/single income budget works.  (“DHSI” as the new acronymic moniker? Not cute at all.)

6 Responses to “March Snapshot”

  1. Ouch! You’ve had so much expense this month it was bound to lower your amount; but never mind, you’ll be back in the six figure club very soon.

    Laura 🙂

  2. {sigh} Well, look at it this way. You’re still doing better than 99.9 percent of 20-somethings.

    Moving is so darned expensive.

  3. At times like these, I begin to look at smaller things to be grateful for, like sleep or food. Either way, you are still standing, so it isn’t all that bad!

  4. Bummer. There’s always next month right?

  5. Wow! That is very impressive even though you’ve had the expenses! Well done you!!!

  6. Revanche says:

    @Laura: 🙂 Thanks for having faith in me, I’m going to work my tail off!

    @FaM: Yeah, I guess that’s so, but maybe not so much for managing 2 households. This will take adjusting.

    @Investing Newbie: Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely grateful I’m still able to work and earn wages, and that I have a good solid roof over my head, and most everything IS in order.

    I didn’t have the same sinking feeling that I used to get 5-7 years ago when I took several $$ steps backward. It’s ok!

    @me in millions: And the month after than, and so on.

    @frugaltrenches: thanks, I don’t mean to come off as ungrateful – I know I’m still doing well. I just have to keep at it.

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