By: Revanche

Oh to be young and innocent again

April 18, 2010

I miss having (the illusion of) a functional family.

My sibling brought home a puppy because he thought he could emotionally manipulate me into letting him keep it when I got back.  You know, the sibling with the other dog we have to feed half the time because he can’t afford to.  After a few days of romping, the dog gets sick and surprise, she has parvo!  I think we know what that means by now.

After two days of sick puppy, he tries to get my dad to call me to help him. And then he calls me himself because my dad won’t do it. 

His own dog isn’t vaccinated against parvo! And my dog is old enough that though she’s always been vaccinated, she could be susceptible if it’s truly virulent. There’s no way of knowing. I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle him. He’s an idiot. Now that poor sick puppy has been all over my house shedding parvovirus and he wants me to tell him what to do. And she’s in *really* bad shape.

To recap:  he brings home a puppy he is incapable to caring for, like a child, and runs to me to fix it after he’s screwed up.

I just wanted to scream.

I did rip his head off. He and his little friends decided to bring her home, so it’s their responsibility. It broke my heart to say it, but I made it clear that if they can’t (he can’t) afford to take proper care of her knowing that there’s no guarantee she’ll recover, then the only humane thing to do is to put her down because she’s just going to keep getting worse. I think one of them is willing to take financial responsibility whether or not she’s really able to afford it so I hope for the best for the pup. 

This won’t be the last time this happens. Obviously the threat of my coming home isn’t enough and I can’t keep dealing with this idiocy cropping up because I’m not there, so I’ve got to start making plans to bring my dog up here with me, and finding a good small place for my parents to live.  It’s not going to be easy, it will be expensive, but it has to be done. 

7 Responses to “Oh to be young and innocent again”

  1. Sense says:

    I’m sorry he can’t step up for once and takes your leaving as a sign to pounce. Yep, just because you can see the mack truck coming doesn’t make it any less painful. Frustrating and annoying! Good for you for standing your ground, even in the face of a sick puppy. 🙁

  2. Jersey Mom says:

    Poor dog! If you do bring your parents and dog up to where you are, perhaps you shouldn’t give him your new address and phone number. Therefore, you can contact him but he cannot contact you… just a thought.

  3. Ruth says:

    Poor dog & poor you! For the sake of the other two dogs, I agree it’s the right choice. He can’t keep foisting things on you–either he has to find a way to pay or have her put down. If she was a stray (which I think you mentioned on Twitter), then she’s no worse off…and better off than dying of parvo even slower.

    Maybe it’ll teach him a lesson to think through things. I hope your dog and his other dog are ok!!!

  4. Carolyn says:

    UGH I WANT TO SMACK YOUR BROTHER!!! He’s ridiculous!! I cannot believe you have to deal with him. I’m so so sorry.

  5. O. M. G. (that’s all caps)

    Okay, first, don’t panic: your adult dog will probably resist the virus since it’s been vaccinated. Canine vaccines are oversold and actually last much, much longer than we’re told. Even if your dog picks it up, an adult dog can usually survive a parvo infection. Pups are more susceptible to the virus than adult dogs are, and when they get it, they’re much more vulnerable its effects.

    Next: for godsake, if the man can’t deal with a puppy, he certainly can’t deal with two aged parents. There’s the panic point: need to get those old folks outa there (and not to the Bay Area…). That part’s gonna be tough, but in the long run it may be less difficult than having to deal with a long-running series of dramas.

    Many landlords will let you keep your dog if you pay a pet deposit. Try wheedling. Landlords love extra dollars.

  6. Revanche says:

    @Danielle: Thanks, darlin.

    @Sense: I just knew it was goin to happen. It was just a matter of time. And I knew the poor pup really didn’t have a chance, I’ve seen it sooo many times.

    @Jersey Mom: Quite honestly, that’s what I’m thinking. It’s just how the &*^*(#*% do I afford to support a family in the Bay Area?? Augh!!

    @Ruth: Yes, she was a stray, and he’d waited too long, and she was likely too weak anyway.

    He’s 30 and still has no stinkin clue. If roaring could force someone to grow up, my phone voice should have aged him 40 years. But of course not. Sense bounces off him like he’s Teflon.

    @Carolyn: I wonder if all my bloggy friends lined up and smacked him, if that might make ANY difference at all. Anything?

    @Funny: I’m less panicked about my dog than I am angry. Vaccinated though she was, she’s *really* old. Though it’s unlikely she’d contract it, if she did … it would be really rough on her.

    Believe me he’s not in any way shape or form responsible for my parents. He’s just .. THERE. And I hate that.

    And as for moving, I can handle moving my dog, but HIS dog doesn’t deserve to be tossed out on the street which is what would happen. The place I’m living prohibits his breed. My dog could come here because she’s muttish enough she’d pass for shepherd-thing, but his dog is totally prohibited. I just don’t know what to do about that. Even if it’s HIS dog, I know he can’t handle the responsibility and I can’t be throwing a dog out on the street. *sigh* Complicated. All around.

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