By: Revanche

Victorinox Swiss Army: Excellent Customer Service

April 7, 2010

To counter my tales of woe and angst fomented by Bekins and their “services” this week, I’d like to take a moment to praise a company for responsiveness.

I hate checking luggage: my poor suitcase gets so abused!  But it can’t be helped on some trips and on one such, the pull tabs on the zippers had been snapped right off. The zipper itself worked but it’s become a dexterity challenge pushing the little zipper nubbin along the track.  I intended to do something about it, but stored my suitcase after a trip and forgot about it until the move.

I tied ribbons where the tabs had once been, and that worked as a temporary measure but only roughly so – the zipper track would become warped if I insisted on using a MacGyvered method too long. 

In cases like these, I’m glad to be a bit OCD about tags, because I still have the original tags with the warranty/lifetime guarantee/contact information in the side pocket.  I sent off an emailed query to Victorinox Swiss Army’s customer query department about what I could do to solve the problem.  I received an email from customer service asking for the model/style number, responded to that email, and received a confirmation of a shipped order for new pull tabs, no charge, within 24 hours. Those pull tabs were delivered to my door without another word.

Bravo, Victorinox. Under no obligation, and without even being asked, to replace parts that were broken in the normal course of wear and tear with such rapidity is worthy of acknowledgment.  Most companies would see such a little thing and stonewall the customer. Instead, you’ve cemented the value of your lifetime guarantee by providing good service as a matter of course. 

*Now I just have to figure out how to attach them.

5 Responses to “Victorinox Swiss Army: Excellent Customer Service”

  1. Ruth says:

    That’s fantastic customer service. It’s nice that some companies still do care about their products and customers. 🙂

    I’m particularly impressed by the speed. Maybe I should contact the people who made our bedframe, for which we lost a packet of special screws. Can’t hurt to ask.

  2. Jersey Mom says:

    That’s what I call great service. Too many companies make customers go through tedious processes; eventually most people give up. In my opinion that’s not very smart; I simply stop using their products.

  3. That’s fantastic service, I am glad that you finally got some! 🙂

    I guess it also doesn’t hurt to ask.

  4. It’s good to hear that there is some such thing as good customer service these days. I am in the market for luggage, since I don’t have any.

  5. Revanche says:

    @Ruth: I was utterly confused when it was happening, but terribly impressed at the end. You should give ’em a ring or send an email. Can’t hurt!

    @Jersey Mom, Aspiring Minimalist: Exactly so.

    @Investing Newbie: I would recommend buying through Macy’s during one of their ubiquitous sales plus coupons. You get the better price for any quality brand like Victorinox.

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