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Super Saturday and Challenge Reporting

May 29, 2010

Remember that I’m hosting this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance so please submit!

$5K Challenge Reporting: I’m in a holding pattern this week, a paltry $50 check trickled in yesterday but three major invoices are still outstanding. My hope is that they all come in this weekend but it is a holiday weekend. 

Total: $2,229.18 [44%]
How did you do? 

Speaking of holiday weekends, I’m so relieved it’s here.  Work’s been running me right off my feet everyday and only careful planning and advance cooking from the previous weekend ensured that a hearty dinner was on the table by 8 pm every night. 

My exhilarating plans include catching up on sleep, bills, playing with the Guest pup one more time before the owners return, preparing the Carnival for your viewing pleasure and setting up a recalcitrant printer/scanner that’s refused to work since moving.  Maybe even catching a movie with a friend who suddenly showed up in Oakland. Oh and there will definitely be eating.  I’m on the prowl for new recipes to try – please share any of your comfort food recipes!

What have y’all got on tap?

6 Responses to “Super Saturday and Challenge Reporting”

  1. Karen says:

    My tap has the beach, food and drink. 🙂 Some cleaning thrown in there somewhere. Hopefully.

  2. Major cleaning and some household stuff that I’ve been ignoring 🙂

  3. Candace says:

    Good news! I reached my goal today of saving $500 for repayment of debt.

    Thanks for hosting this challenge. I feel great about reaching the goal and feel like I am on a great path.

  4. Matt says:

    Sounds like you’re doing well on your 5K challenge – I’ve always found these types of challenges and results to be inspiring.

    Comfort food – BBQ’d potatoes with butter, some seasoning salt and cayenne pepper.

  5. fitlounge says:

    I’ve managed to save 1543 to be exact. this will be all of the spending money I use while in Orlando for our family vacation. 🙂

  6. Revanche says:

    @Karen: Dee-lightful!

    @aspiringminimalist: Funny how that didn’t make me feel guilty in the least that I didn’t do a lick of cleaning. it normally would. 🙂

    @Candace: Great news! Congratulations!

    @Matt: Thanks, I’m doing quite well considering the sudden start.

    Hm that sounds good. I may add that to next week’s menu.

    @fitlounge: Congratulations!!

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