By: Revanche

Love at first heft

June 14, 2010

If I could carry a tune, I’d be singing the praises of this, the Corningware Simply Lite 3-quart dish and cover.

I alluded to my medical/physical condition in this post, but didn’t elaborate because I don’t want this to become a whine-fest.  It might be helpful to know that fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain are all major players and are all chronic, now they’ve figured into my life for over a dozen years.

It’s become pretty severe. I can’t hold up a pot half filled with water with one hand, lift two five pound roasting birds out of the oven. Heck, some days, opening the beknighted refrigerator doors causes pain to spike into my shoulder.  My cake and cupcake bake-a-thons are definitely a thing of the past.  And this from the girl who once prided herself on doing anything her big brother could do, physically. 

The biggest immediate effect it has on my financial life is aside from popping way more pain meds than I’m happy about, now that I’m cooking and cleaning every day, in other words, really running my own household, I need everything to be as light, durable and low maintenance as possible.  It’s amazing how easily I forget my limits and cook too long, wash too many dishes during the course of cooking or clean-up and cause excruciating, emanating pain that doesn’t subside for hours.  Days, even.

I refuse to let this prevent me from making my lasagna!

The hunt was on for the durable cookware, piece by piece, without breaking the bank or straining my joints. On that odd shopping trip to Target where I didn’t find much of anything else, we discovered Corningware’s Simply Lite line. Every other dish was already too heavy for me to handle, empty.  By darn if the casserole dish in the size I wanted didn’t feel like holding a stack of paper plates. Perfect!  

Unfortunately, Target wanted $27.99 for it.  I couldn’t bring myself to shell out that much cash, so I thought: Macy’s sales+ coupons + gift card?  Except a quick iPhone search listed the sale price as $36.95.  Even worse.  The lightbulb finally clicked on and I realized that if it was available on Amazon, I might find a better price, use my Swagbucks earned Amazon GCs, AND get the goods delivered within a couple days.  Win, win, win, and WIN. The last win being getting what I want. 

I’m sharing the link in case anyone might want to experience the wonder for themselves. 

6 Responses to “Love at first heft”

  1. I think a lot of things will be lighter. All this is aimed at the aging boomer market. I spoke to a friend’s mother who said, I’m only using Corelle from now on–it’s light and doesn’t break. So I did the same. What a great idea.

  2. Gee, that’s nice! It’s hard to find cookware that doesn’t strain your back to pick it up!

    I got rid of my beloved Le Creuset years ago. My sister-in-law would refuse to pick it up. After a while I figured out that she had perfectly fine, highly functional cookware and didn’t need a block and tackle to move it around the kitchen. Started buying stainless with aluminum-core bottoms, which conduct heat with the best of them and are tolerably lightweight.

  3. I’m sorry you live with pain. I am so glad you found something that helps!

  4. Isn’t it great when you find a deal on something you really need?

    I wish you some pain-free days!

  5. Shelley says:

    I love my old fashioned Corning ware that I inherited from Mom: use it in the oven, on top of the stove, in the freezer and on the table. Not sure how light it is, mind. Glad you found what you like and at a price you like as well!

  6. Revanche says:

    @FS: It amuses me to no degree that my needs correlate with that of the aging boomers.

    @Funny: It’s a shame, I never did get to experience the Le Creuset. But it certainly doesn’t make sense to now!

    @BFS: Thanks!

    @Everyday Tips: I’m thrilled. So thrilled, I might have to load up with a pan of mac and cheese this week.

    @Shelley: I always did love the originals, but now I love it from afar. It’s so sturdy and well made and I quietly wonder if the new stuff will last as long.

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