By: Revanche


June 26, 2010

Everyone is still alive and well. 

This is how I know my parents are still eating regularly and out and about town even though I’m not right there to see it:

$239 of my $439 credit card balance is for gas and groceries at their favored markets and gas stations. 

Two dear friends (two separate couples) just let me know they’re expecting.  Both surprises, and they’re both really early in the first trimester which always makes me a tiny bit nervous when people announce that early. But I’m health-matters-shy so I keep my worries to myself and bid them Congratulations!

I’ve been MIA in friend circles for the most part so it’s nice to know life really does go on. 

I still haven’t determined the best commute method or schedule that’s most time and financially efficient.  I’ll just load a chunk of money onto my Commuter FSA, use that to fund a Clipper card for the bus that I’ve been paying out of pocket and have a fairly flexible way to pay for all kinds of SF transportation. I’ll use it eventually.

This week – I may have found my center.  My Zen. My professional bedrock.  Not once did I crumble in despair over people quitting (another one’s off to do cool things, good for that one!), the imminence of a major project, the stresses of getting my job done and done well.  The pressure is still ON ON ON but I’m now standing tall and moving through it. 

Heading out to a wedding reception in a few, then have PiC’s back-home friends in town this weekend.  Comic Con is coming up quickly and I have a small budget for to enjoy it with.  *squeeee*

’tis all for now, hope you’re having a fantastic weekend and see you soon!

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  1. Shelley says:

    I’m in awe of your centredness and your good posture in the face of pressure. You must be doing something right and taking good care of yourself. Well done.

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