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For the record

July 18, 2010

PiC does stand for Partner in Crime, for those of you who were asking. I think it’s fun but he would like it to be known that we are “strictly on the up and up” with every bit of “legit”ness possible. 😀  This is why he cracks me up, he takes the oddest things literally.  And it’s true, we’re totally legit around here. 

In other news, I’ve been thoroughly irresponsible this weekend thanks to an unexpected houseguest.  An old friend gave me a call on Thursday asking if I happened to have bedspace, which we do, and made a serious drive over to visit.  He’s been housebound for a while so he was in the mood for a lot of city livin’ – which is so very much not me.  As it turns out, we compromised pretty well.

We had a lovely dinner out in the city with his old friend which cost $23 each for the traditional 7 courses of beef.  I didn’t know there was a Pagolac in the Bay Area – I used to dine there with my family as the ultimate treat for big big things down south. I know now that it’s not really that costly in comparison to gourmet food but it was pretty serious stuff for my fam. We rarely ever ate out so for that lifestyle, that was a splurge.  Honestly, I still appreciate the simplicity and still feel a touch spoiled when we eat that meal.

Saturday dawned late with a little bit of sleeping in which was lovely. We cruised the Farmers Market, picking up salami cones, quarter pounds of cheese, the most excellent bread, and a couple of really expensive peaches.  We got lost, taking the wrong freeway, and ended up munching our way through all that food watching the waves crash on the rocks of Treasure Island.  Best thing?  We avoided having to pay the toll for taking the wrong bridge!  Lunch, snacks for later: $24

Later that night, we discovered a fantastic Thai restaurant in Oakland, Sabuy Sabuy, that the nearest multiplex cinema had the worst parking structure set-up ever, paid $2 for the privilege of parking for 3 minutes to not see a sold out movie, and THEN paid $10.50 each for a movie ticket at another theater.  *smh*  Unfortunately, I completely forgot that I had a Regal Cinemas ticket voucher – could have saved a bit of cash.

Today was going to be errand running but we got a late start and after feasting on the leftover peaches, frozen hash browns and other carbs, I’m settling in to finally get some work done.  Ahh….leftovers for dinner tonight! 

There’s something incredibly refreshing about hanging out with friends of old.  I’m not terribly social, nor that trusting since college, so it always takes more effort to spend time with people who I’ve not been acquainted with all that long.  It’s been lovely catching up with these friends more frequently but I definitely need to find a more economical way to do it.  “They’re worth it” is the first step on a pretty slippery slope!  And on the eve of my trip down south, I should be more conscientious about spending.

5 Responses to “For the record”

  1. Karen says:

    Your weekend sounds like mine: spent with a friend of old who’s been not housebound but few opportunities to go out.

  2. Sense says:

    yay! that sounds like a fun weekend. and YOU sound like you are having a lot of fun, which makes it even better. glad the move was the improvement to your lifestyle that you needed–it sounds like it is worth every penny! 🙂

  3. Jimmy says:

    I just reconnected with a longtime friend also, it truly is great…

  4. Grace. says:

    Isn’t it weird how much our “good” week-ends and vacations center around the food we ate with friends? (Or even by ourselves!)

    Congrats on having fun sharing with someone else.

  5. Revanche says:

    @Karen: I love my friends but once in a while I wish I could space the visits out a little more, maybe across a few days so we don’t feel obliged to pack a couple days so fully.

    @Sense: It was a lot of fun, and not so exhausting that I regretted it 🙂

    @Jimmy: Truly good friends are hard to find.

    @Grace: It’s such a simple formula, isn’t it?

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