By: Revanche

August Snapshot

August 31, 2010

I definitely waited for the last paycheck of the month before putting this month’s snapshot together because I’ve already paid up September’s rent and paid down a 4-digit bill for the start of the Dental Bills (deep breath).

The expense account took a hit for quite a number of reasons  and as we gear up for the fall, I’ve got a ton going on, so it’s only going to get worse.  The medical bills are going to almost immediately drain the rest of the Parental Medical Fund so the balance will have to come out of the Expense fund.  Remember, I use that to pay all bills and try to keep a few months’ worth in there at any given time so I’m not living paycheck to paycheck. I still worry quite easily when that number drops drastically, though.

A really old pension account finally rolled over into my Vanguard account, that huge uptick in retirement accounts has nothing to do with gains in the market.

I’m going to be traveling for a three day weekend in September, and I’ve got a ton of guests in town another weekend of the same month.  PiC will be traveling yet another weekend, and then I’ve got to prep for a business trip in October.  Before you know it, November and December are lined up right behind that with their thumbs out for a lift of multiple birthdays and holidays. Whoo! This is why planning is so very important.  

As for generating extra income, I’ve been rather dismal at that. Any number of excuses really, but regardless, the end result is feeling (quite) a bit pinched after Hometown Expenses are paid, to the tune of 70-80% of my income.  This most certainly needs to change!

I have been talking about second jobs (part-time or freelance) but I always get the evil eye from PiC who thinks I already work too hard. That may be, but I’ve still got bills to pay, and savings to pile up!  Truthfully, there has to be a way to generate more income without unduly stressing my own health. I ought to have learned that lesson by now.

In the meantime, I’m reverting to an old method of keeping calm:  noting everything financial in a notebook.  That’ll help me keep track of reimbursements and other “hidden” money moving around in my system.

How goes the month for you, friends?

5 Responses to “August Snapshot”

  1. My month’s expenses have made me cry. Like.. really cry.

    I can’t believe how much it costs, but I just have to think about the long term and the fact that having a hotel for such a short amount of time, is actually cheaper than a lease for a year…

  2. Gosh, Revanche, you’re amazing! How many 20-somethings in this country have managed to accrue over 100 grand in assets? While they’re supporting their parents and after they’ve been through a spate of unemployment!

    My own month has been fairly hellish, with income not covering expenses all summer and every damnfool thing that could POSSIBLY go wrong flipping its expensive lid.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I don’t know how you stay motivated, it’s like I’m working for nothing. Sometimes I just wanna give up and go be a bum in Europe and just manage. The system will find a way to keep us down one way or another.

  4. Nicole says:

    I am anxiously awaiting our first paychecks since the summer started… it won’t be until October 1st.

    Still, we’ve got some left in the emergency fund so we’ll make it through. And gremlins went and broke almost but not quite everything in our house in August. We saw a lot of different repair people. Hopefully that’s calmed down some.

  5. Revanche says:

    @FB: Keep your eye on the long-term ball…

    @FaM: Funny how we have completely different perspectives of where I stand. 🙂

    I *really* hope your crazy expenses ends soon, I cringe every time I read another post.

    @Jimmy: I’ve been there many a time, but you know, I’ve got a family to take care of so I don’t have the luxury of giving up. I have to find a way, some way.

    @Nicole: October!! I would have lost my fool mind by now.

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