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A shopping spree and two winners

September 4, 2010

Our houseguest just got a new job with a hefty salary in a low COL and so when I introduced her to Shabby Apple, she filled their coffers with nearly four hundred dollars in exchange for, among other things, my favorite dress.  Finally I can see it on someone in real life! It’s pretty fun to watching people with zero budget problems shop like there’s no tomorrow.

And in the spirit of spending freely, free money for two people! 

Out of 51 entries, including comments, tweets, and a hilarious arm-twisting referral, my first winner is entrant #46: Elaine of Clothed Much and my second winner is entrant #25: Kay Lynn of Bucksome Boomer!

Congratulations, ladies!

2 Responses to “A shopping spree and two winners”

  1. Bucksome says:

    Thanks, I’m excited to win something!

  2. ashley says:

    Wow, those Shabby Apple dresses really are beautiful! I never heard of it before.

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