By: Revanche

Hallo from Chicago

October 10, 2010

Did you guys see that incredible sprint to the finish?  That’s absolutely crazy. This year’s winner crossed the finish this year in two hours and six minutes and some odd seconds.

PiC and I have spent the last two days wandering Millenium Park and generally trying to take in as much of the city as possible while not overtaxing his pre-marathon legs, or breaking my non-marathonable legs.

It’s been positively gorgeous here, probably closer to 75 degrees with a light breeze.  At least seven brides lucked out as well, sashaying through the park with their bridal parties of 12 or more, taking photos near the Bean, on the steps, amid the crowd of spectators in town for the marathon, for the country music festival or just out and about because the sun had re-emerged. 

I thought we managed a nice balance between our two wildly different levels of fitness, considering he had to keep it very mellow and I pushed myself to walk between 3 to 5 miles per day in my quest to enjoy downtown and spend less on cabs. 

We should have used more public transport to keep costs down, but we didn’t plan carefully enough to take that into account and were focused on staying in the lovely weather while it lasted. We’re definitely paying through the nose to enjoy that luxury.   (In retrospect, all that walking was also foolish, I ache.) 

Anyhow, we’ve got a few more hours in the Windy City before our shuttle picks us up.  Pictures and a cost round up when we’re back home!

3 Responses to “Hallo from Chicago”

  1. Did PiC finish? Was it all that he had hoped?

  2. Glad you two enjoyed your trip – and congrats to PiC! Was this his first marathon?

  3. Revanche says:

    @The Lost Goat: It wasn’t everything he’d hoped but it was still pretty good. He finished in 3:40.

    @stackingpennies: Thanks! He’s run two other marathons before but this was his biggest so far.

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