By: Revanche

Post-spending contemplation

November 1, 2010

I splurged a bit after all.  I gifted a few Scott Pilgrim books, picked up a few more long sleeve shirts on sale from Ann Taylor as layering pieces (previously mentioned), and splurged on this lovely top:

The Oyster Sateen Twist Neck shirt in Petite 00 
[$40, 50% off]

I feel a little sheepish because I really wanted the OMG Books shirt but this one grabbed my attention while I was ordering the much needed work shirts and now I feel like I’ve hit the limit on acquiring stuff.

Returning is always an option but it does fill a gaping area in my wardrobe between completely casual tees and button down long-sleeves.

As I ponder, I’m grateful I even have the choice considering my friends Sense to Dollars and eemusings recently discussed the lack of a generous returns policy in New Zealand. Without that option, I would certainly never have ventured to even buy it in the first place.

Until I started working and truly needed business clothes, my shopping had become so sporadic that I’d well gotten out of the habit of buying and holding. Stores like Ross and Marshalls are great but so rarely turn up gems that are both bargains and fit well that I’d basically given up on them for anything but housewares.

So while the professional side of me is grateful to Well Heeled for introducing me to petite fashion bloggers like Petite Asian Girl and Alterations Needed, the frugal PF blogger in me is distinctly uncertain about this whole other world of shopping where people my size actually can, for a price, find clothing that fits and flatters or make it fit and flatter.  It’s probably a good thing that I’m used to spending on a budget … or rather not spending because I’m on a budget. 

Here’s the real question: Keeper, or no?  Fits really well. Could be paired with … things. Ah yes, check out my fashion sense!


My thanks …..

to Flexo for hosting this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and including my post Scammy scam scam?

9 Responses to “Post-spending contemplation”

  1. LOL. Not the first time I’ve been labeled a bad PF influence. If you find the top fills a hole in your wardrobe, it might be worth keeping. I found a while ago (before I was blogging and had a sad, sad wardrobe) that I had a huge lack of “blouses”. Those great tops that can be dressed up or down, and I was always stuck with nothing to wear to nice places.

    As for how to wear it…dressed down with dark denim, heels, and long necklaces. Tucked into a pencil skirt or trousers for work. Under a jacket or cardigan (the tie detail will look great peaking out of a jacket/sweater). Paired with pink, military green, cream, navy, brown…so many options!

  2. eemusings says:

    LOVE it! What colour did you get? (that shade would be horrendous on me, I can’t wear neutrals)

    Second what Alterations said…that’ll be a versatile one.

  3. You crazy girl! 🙂 You have so many casual items, you NEED dressier fare

    It’s not like you have a massive wardrobe you could wear for a month and not change 😛

    (*raises hand*)

    That top looks great…

  4. Revanche…I ordered that same shirt a few weeks back! I totally forgot to post it, but after tons of debating I returned it. I’m confused why AT makes so many 100% poly shirts now retailing for $70 or $80…at least they have good sales once in a good while.

    Like Kelly said, if it fills a hole in your wardrobe then it’s worth keeping. The sleeves flared out a little too much for me and I thought it made me look wider on top, but we’re all built differently.

  5. As previous poster said, why is a poly shirt $80? So it can be marked down, of course.

    But–it is a good-looking top, price is OK, easy care, elegant for work. You can wear it with anything. So I would keep if it looks good AND you need it.

  6. L.A. Daze says:

    Keep! It’s a great top. Might be a pain in the butt to wash though.

  7. karen says:

    WTH? KEEP! 🙂

  8. I like it… I think you can keep it for the price. And c’mon, I need a PF blogger in the petite-fashion-I-want trenches with me! 😉

  9. If it looks good on you, keep it. Even if it was overpriced at $80, forty bucks isn’t a bad buy for something that’s versatile enough to wear with jeans or with a jacket or sweater for work.

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