By: Revanche

Just a touch of the Black Plague

December 29, 2010

Dodging and weaving did me no good.  After days of being cooped up with at least two sickies over the holidays, my immune system has succumbed, and so has PiC’s. He’s scheduled to be off anyway but I’ve been working from home to avoid taking sick time or falling too much behind.

It’s not just a major pain in the caboose being fluish, which is it.  It’s that the energy drain somehow touches off this chain reaction of pain and joint flare-ups so that even though honestly, I don’t feel *that* sick and would normally go in, I have to baby myself because my body’s teetering on a precipice of a severe flare-up.  As is, I’m one-hand Manny as my whole right side’s on strike. PiC keeps asking if he should feed me. [*sigh* Not yet, thank you.]

A severe flare-up goes a little something like this: imagine someone’s stuck a tube in you and drained all the fluid out of you.  Then smacked a fire hot length of tubing on all major joints several times. Twisted and cracked all the minor joints, and has got all your muscles randomly and persistently hooked up to electrodes that send entirely the wrong signal to twitch and shriek helpless protestations to a brain that desperately says: “breathe! relax! breathe! OWWW!”

It tends to move in for about two or more weeks at a time. No short pop ins here.

So yeah, no thanks. If I have to be a big fat wussy who stays home because “a-heh-a-heh, I hef a leetle cough” lest that comes to town?  I’m staying home and grateful I can work from home, grateful I can rest in between times and darned tooting I’m grateful for a most excellent partner who understands the pain and powers through his symptoms to tend to my nearly invisible ones. 

I hate being sick but it could totally be worse.

5 Responses to “Just a touch of the Black Plague”

  1. *patpatpat* Hang in there. Hope things get better soon.

  2. Karen says:

    I hope you get better soon and ward off a major flare up!

  3. Dang! I sincerely hope you shake it off. Sometimes just the flu alone makes your joints ache…maybe it’ll go away.

    These darned things that come and go — and decide to sit and stay for a while when they do show up — are just no fun at all.

  4. OOh I hate when that happens to me! Hope you get better love!

  5. 444 says:

    I put off dental work TWICE now due to the same cold (as we all know, a good cold can span a week and then some.) I was reclining in a chair trying to get a few minutes of sleep and couldn’t because… get this… of all things, my EYELID hurt. ?!?!? Why would an eyelid hurt unless all the nerves nearby were inflamed?

    Get better soon!

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