By: Revanche

My first Christmas tree is naked

December 14, 2010

It’s probably been twenty years since I last had a Christmas tree and just the prospect of getting one this year was delicious.

Negotiations were intense, and short-lived.  Within ten minutes of wandering the tree lot, and squealing over the cuteness of the under three footers, my shopping ADD kicked in and PiC was asked to please make the final call because I was bored with fussing over which tree was perfect enough.

Imperfections are character and had I not mentioned the twenty year drought?  Any tree is an improvement over the no-tree of yesteryear.  Low expectations, indeed.  Happily, we had ended up in the discount tree section by then, points to PiC for navigating so that I’m not both the penny-pinching miser and the impatient hausfrau.

Even with the discount, we (probably mistakenly) paid extra for a disposal bag, bowl and stand, checking out at $34.

With that extra expenditure over the $20 or $25 I imagined we’d spend, I’m perfectly happy to enjoy the tree in all its natural glory, and hang gifts from its branches if it can bear up.  As a topper, Cthulhu shall preside.

It hardly seems to need anything else now, does it?

6 Responses to “My first Christmas tree is naked”

  1. I have shopping ADD too. How great to have a “decider.”

  2. Nicole says:

    Owie. I snorted funny at your tree topper.

    Once we get around to shopping, we will have a crocheted santa on top our tabletop potted rosemary tree… ALL our Christmas decorations are loving gifts from DH’s family.

  3. Congratulations!
    One year we were bored looking at our bare tree. My Sister-in-law and I pulled out some cardboard, scissors and glitter and made some really cool ornaments. Almost 10 years later they are some of the best ornaments on the tree.

  4. Shelley says:

    On reading your title, I was going to suggest buying a roll of red ribbon and tying bows on the limbs as a cheap decoration approach. Then I looked up ‘Cthulhu’ and ditched that idea…

    When I married #2 (now I think of it, an appropriate name) the only tree we could afford was the one his ex had left behind. I HATED that tree and spent a fortune (that I couldn’t afford) to cover it with decorations to try to make it feel like mine.

    I think that’s one reason I generally am happy to see the back of Christmas – it’s always been such an emotional time for me.

    Now I have an 8-foot fake tree (about 10 years and going strong) covered with Mom’s collected and dated decorations going back to 1945 and a sort of Olde-Worlde Santa on top that we found in the shop on the ferry to Amsterdam one year. I think I’m sort of known for my huge overthetop tree these days… Just like Mom.

  5. Gosh, $34 is a bargain.

    LOL! How about some a collection of second-hand Transformers to go with Cthulhu? Or maybe some cute little rubber bugs and snakes?

    For years, my tree harbored a troll. He was perfect, so ideally embodied my sentiments. Good troll, troll friend. Finally he just wore out…went bald when all his tangled white hair dissolved away. Darn.

  6. Revanche says:

    @FrugalScholar: To be honest, he gets to make the actual choice but because he hems and haws so much I force him to commit to making a decision before my patience runs out. Or as soon as my patience runs out. 🙂

    @Nicole: Fun!

    @Molly on Money: Thanks! Maybe we’ll craft our own ornaments next year.

    @Shelley: He’s not a really GRUMPY Cthulhu….

    re: #2 HAH!!

    I have a really hard time with Christmas as well, so it’s nice to finally have one thing that isn’t negative or strongly associated with guilt.

    @FaM: We’re, so far, loading it up with gifts to be given away to satisfy my need not to store ornaments. I might let some of my Mighty Muggs toys come out to play, though …

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