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The Requisite Valentine’s Day post

February 14, 2011

PiC and I are relative failures at the whole Valentine’s Day thing, if you consider that the two paradigms most embraced are to celebrate or to have angst about it. 

Once every two or three years, a close friend of his sells him the “do nothing at your own peril” spiel and he arranges a nice dinner, and for in between years we’ve been grateful to see each other if it was possible during our Long Distance Years or grateful to have each other if not. 

This is our first year we’ve truly been together for it and the established simplicity, the utter lack of expectations, has been a bit of a godsend.  Honestly, in the maelstrom of other life events, a big trip to plan, a wedding to discuss, another big trip to plan, simply not fussing over this day more than any other works so well for us. 

Admittedly, I did gift him a surprise set of books I knew he’s been wanting, solely for the sake of surprising him yesterday, which I joke is a selfish gift since I get to read all his books. 🙂

Even better, since I couldn’t wait, it was plopped in front of him yesterday apropos of nothing and he’s now crediting it as an insanely early birthday gift so he won’t feel the need to “make up” a Valentine’s gift. Win win win! 😉


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3 Responses to “The Requisite Valentine’s Day post”

  1. Yknow… I just realized. You never mentioned what comics you got him! Manga? Marvel? DC? Do tell!

  2. We never do Valentine’s day either. Our anniversary, birthdays, and Christmas… but generally Valentine’s day comes and goes without us noticing.

  3. TELL TELL! What did you get him? 🙂

    Also, I tried to find a Packing Cube for BF the other day.

    NO LUCK. It’s like they don’t even know they exist here. *sigh*

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