By: Revanche

Knocking down the planning blocks: SDCC is a go!

March 8, 2011

Heave a sigh of relief with me, my friends, SDCC travel planning is complete.

In a remarkably backwards approach, I’ve finalized the last part of our plans for Comic Con by booking the departing flights.

Stage 1: PiC was good enough to oversee the hotel booking after my annual overture produced bad news.  We discussed the parameters: the budget, how far I was willing to be located from the Convention Center, shared the news with our lodgings companions and verified that it was in line with their budgets.

Result: We have a place to stay. We’ll be kicking in grocery money to my beloved once and always host family for dinners with them.

Stage 2: PiC arranged the return flights which had to be paid for in cash rather than award flights, unfortunately, since they were hard to come by. Everyone and their cousins and their cousins are flying out on Southwest that same day, it seems.  I should have gotten on that sooner. Next year.

Result: We will be able to come home.

Insert some naggery for days to be requested off, drivers designated, and flights to be booked to Travel Companions.  Because it’s not Con unless I’m driving someone crazy-bemused with my planning six months out.

Stage 3: I revived those expired Southwest award flight credits for a lovely $50 and paid another $5 to actually book the outbound flights. I’m heading out as early as I can stand to be upright. More calls were made to verify pick ups.

Result: We will be going to Con. CON!!

Now, it’s time to eagerly await programming so I can highlight all the Must See panels, the special eventing and the floor plan. I can’t wait!! 

5 Responses to “Knocking down the planning blocks: SDCC is a go!”

  1. Ruth says:

    Don’t forget the menu planning. Now that’s done too! 😉

  2. Have fun! I’ve been twice and had a blast both time. I miss CA!

  3. *is jealous… pouts* =(

  4. Revanche says:

    @Ruth: Heheh. I can’t believe PiC still thinks menu planning is weird. We’re a platoon, of COURSE we menu plan!!

    @nicoleandmaggie: Thanks! <3 Con

    @AP: There will come a day you can go too!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Is it bad to say that I grew up in SD but have only ever been to the Con once? 🙂

    I did enjoy it though the one time I went, even though I was technically babysitting a gaggle of cousins, quite a few of who go to the Con without chaperones now that they’re older. Good times.

    Have fun! That’s great that you could make your travel arrangements so early.

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