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Enhancing home security

April 17, 2011

Between our travel plans and the random breaches of security that the HOA has notified us of (garage break-ins, scammers getting access to the building), we’ve been considering ways to shore up the security of our home. 

For sliding doors or windows, the standard rod dowels to prevent opening works well so that’s a cheap and easy solution. 

For the main door, we’d noticed a while ago that several neighbors had had an extra lock installed on their doors and had been discussing getting the same done.  While we’re generally DIYers when it comes to home repairs and renos, this one was a bit beyond us as it requires drilling through the door itself and I’m not prepared to invest in those tools just now.

PiC’s gotten one quote around $380:  $150 for the lock assembly (the additional lock), $50 to replace the existing handle, $95 for labor, $65 service call and tax. This locksmith is recommending that we add a reinforcement plate which is part of the lock assembly. 

He’s still waiting on the other quote from his second choice but I’m still reeling from the first quote.  It’s been a long time since dealing with door drama and I’m not certain if this is just typical Bay Area COL or if these locksmiths are overly pricey. 

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  1. Karen says:

    You could rent a drill from Lowe’s or HD. Why do you need an new handle if you’re adding a lock?
    $150 is really expensive! I replaced my lock/knob for $50. A deadbolt is cheaper.
    I think a “service call” charge is silly but maybe that’s the area.
    Good luck!

  2. If you have a drill, the bit to cut out the door hole is only about $15.

    When I replaced our locks, I went with an ANSI-1 deadbolt that it resistant to cutting or bump-keying.

    A quick fix to boost your door security is to replace the screws on the strikeplate with 3 inch screws that will make it all the way through the trim and into a wall stud.

  3. You can also buy magnetic doors and window alarms. They are inexpensive and are quite effective in scaring away the burglars. If you want to make sure, you’d better invest in more sophisticated alarms and CCTV cameras.

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