By: Revanche

Faux-lopement: Details, Details, Gettin There

October 31, 2011

Go Time 

Before we knew it, Thursday had arrived and it felt like nothing was done!  Granted, we didn’t have all that much to do since I’d trimmed our list of need to dos down to next to nothing.  But the truth was, we were rushed off our feet at work and trying to wrangle arrangements according to a slightly archaic system.

Luckily, work wasn’t a problem … in fact, my boss strongly suggested I get the heck out of there early because he thought I was insane. I suspect my team thought the same since he’d outed me behind my back.  Not that I was keeping it a secret, I just didn’t have time to tell them!

Rings were stricken from that list – not critical.
New shoes for me, not critical.  If I could get a dress altered, great. If not, old dress. If not, slacks and nice shirt. No, wait, incoming text from cousin – “wear a dress or else.” Big cousin, I grew up with from toddlerhood. Means it. Old dress it would be.
Manicure, pedicure, veil, hair piece, decorations, fooforrah – definitely not critical.

We needed gas for the car, we needed a place to stay post-wedding (because I do not care how frugal it is to stay at a parent’s house in town, I’m not staying there on our wedding night), we needed our travelers to be situated, picked up and dropped off at the right times.  Ok, scheduled, sorted and sorted.

I called the tailor trying to explain the situation – he wouldn’t let me.  “I understand ’emergency’, come come, just come in, I can do this!”
“But … no, I don’t think, please, let me explain, it’s — “
“No no, just come in!”

He didn’t really understand.  Sweet man, but really should have let me explain.  After pinning me up and giving me the price quote and explaining the alterations, he offered to rush the job and have it ready at 5 pm Friday.
How about noon?
Today?  You need it today???
….. *nod nod*
….. I’m going to have to alter the price a little.
……*nod nod*
$10 more.
/head tilt/ — In my head: really??—  I will see you in at closing, sir!

We went on a panic shop for PiC and found his entire outfit minus a shirt at Macy’s in 2 hours.  Then his shirt was another 15 minutes at Banana Republic (yay for gift cards!)  And back to pick up my dress. Fit. A. Dream.  It was an exorbitant amount, but for a three hour rush job, I can accept that.

Despite a semi-early exit from work, the errands took us long enough that we didn’t leave until *really* late. The drive was easy, though and we arrived at dark o’clock in the morning. I napped for a few hours before heading out to get a hair trim and pick up a guest arriving at the airport. Or so I planned. I was held hostage at the hair salon while my long-time stylist trimmed and then styled my hair as she felt was more elegant and appropriate to the occasion.  Hostage, I tell you!   Not only would she not listen to what I asked for, she wouldn’t tell me what she planned to do.  Point blank refused.  “I’ll take care of it,” she says.

And then she undercharged me massively for it.  She didn’t put it up or anything but I know for a fact she charges $75 for bridal hair before tip.  She only charged $38 for cut and style, and wouldn’t let me tip her.  Have you ever heard of such a thing??

But, she was right. It looked really much better than my original rush-out-the-door hair plan.   We even had time to stop for coffee before our airport errand.  Miracle worker, that woman.

Back to the house to get dressed and futz around on the internet.  Oh, and book a hotel for that night!  Hotel points, FTW!

{to be continued}

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3 Responses to “Faux-lopement: Details, Details, Gettin There”

  1. mOOm says:

    Rings not neccessary? They were half the cost of our wedding! (Not counting my brother and mother’s trip from Israel to Australia and back, which my Mom paid for). Needed to order them 3-4 weeks ahead so guess it wouldn’t work for you. Snork Maiden did wear a white Chinese dress that her father gave her a while back with a wedding in mind…

  2. Shelley says:

    We ended up with rings in the ceremony because the minister (a woman, which was different for me) said the ceremony would be awkwardly short without. I have more rings than I can wear already, so I choice to use my Mom’s plain gold band as my ring. We bought Bill a Celtic design white gold ring from a pawnshop – he took all of about 30 seconds to choose it and it fit perfectly. I enjoyed not wearing a wedding ring all those years (more flexibility) but now I enjoy wearing Mom’s. I’m not bothered if Bill wears his or not – he’s not used to jewellery – but a would be annoyed if he lost it and he does take it off a lot. So, will you ever be getting rings do you think or is it just not important to you?

  3. Revanche says:

    @mOOm: No! We still haven’t picked rings. Sigh. I picked fabric to make a dress for my mom to wear at my wedding, several years ago. I’d forgotten about that, until now.

    @Shelley: We weren’t warned about the awkward shortness as I think she was aiming for the fastest ceremony ever. I think we’ll pick a ring for at least PiC. I don’t really feel like I need a new ring. I quite like my engagement ring, silly as it seems to keep wearing a solitaire I suppose, but why not?

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