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Light Sunday Nuggets

October 2, 2011

Some Links 

* If you have a Southwest Airlines card, you can go to to earn 1,000 bonus points after watching their informational video.  You do have to click through bits of the video to progress, it won’t just play in the background.  But hey, free points.

PiC has a card, I don’t, so I went ahead and did the video for him.  1,000 bonus points, check!

* I loved/hated Nicole and Maggie’s post on Teaching Habits: Part II.  The subject matter just gets right back under my skin, the immaturity and irresponsibility in “kids these days”.  But it’s a good read.

* A related post on the topic by feMOMhist: competitiveness, failure and kids  (Token trophies?  Really?  There was no way I could ever have been proud of taking those home.)

* Career links kindly provided  by Karen Siwak of @ResumeStrategy:
Compensation Data and Tools for Employers
Etiquette Lessons on Considering a Job Offer
Interviewing: As the interviewee, you’re the seller; as the interviewer, you’re the buyer

* Softy: Maryam’s Hearts mood is sort of rubbing off on me.

Some Thoughts

I wish that sour cream powder (just add water) existed.  I am always wanting just a few dollops of sour cream for a baked potato or some other random thing but we can never use up a whole tub in a go and it feels so wasteful to buy and have it go off between recipes.

I’ve heard the “you look tired” thing a lot so it never occurred to me that it might be considered rude.  Clearly I’ve been improperly socialized, as I get the sense I’m in the minority here.

There’s a really hard subject to tackle that I still can’t write about yet.

Sneezing and coughing hurt.  Ready to be done with this bug.

I’m sad about Academichic going off into the sunset.

Comcast internet keeps quitting on me midday.  That’s incredibly annoying but so far it’s been an easy fix of resetting the modem.

4 Responses to “Light Sunday Nuggets”

  1. Shelley says:

    I don’t use much sour cream either. Tend to substitute plain yoghurt in most cases. Would that work for you recipes? You have to add it last, as yoghurt separates easily when hot. Another idea is to try freezing sour cream in smaller amounts. I know freezing dairy products isn’t recommended, but for cooking purposes it does work reasonably well – it sometimes changes the texture and you have to be sure it is entirely thawed (and the microwave isn’t usually helpful here) or it significally changes the flavour, different components thawing at a different rate. Just a thought. Finally, if the thickness doesn’t matter, a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar added to a cup of milk makes butter milk, which is another possibility. When I was younger I gagged at the thought of any of these ‘sour milk’ products…but I love most of them now! No idea why that is.

    I wish they made powdered double cream or whipping cream…may experiment with Coffee Mate or the like (sounds yucky, though).

  2. feMOMhist says:

    thanks for the link love, and I can easily eat a container of sour cream all on my own with chips. YUM

  3. Karen says:

    Umm, go to Wendy’s a time or 2 and get extra sour cream and save it? LOL
    I save left over ketchup packets as I would never used a small bottle in a year. I don’t even go through butter in 2 years (yes, literally).

  4. You so need to come up with dried sour cream! I’d buy it. I hate buying a tub (even a small one!) just to have half of it go bad before I finish using it.

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