March 23, 2017

Just a little (link) love: otter pups edition



My succession planning at work has always been guided by the question: what if you fell off a cliff tomorrow, would they know how to carry on? It seems morbid to some but I’ve seen too much death in my personal life, from early on and across age groups, to think it couldn’t happen here. From that perspective, this situation is deeply troubling. It’s a job and someone has to do it. I’m also wondering why the grand boss didn’t investigate the exit interviews after the first or even second early departure.

The youngest self-made female billionaire invented Spanx! I did not know this.

How would changes to the ACA / Obamacare set up affect you?

If (and that’s a big if for some of you) you wanted to retire early, what are the incentives that would keep you in the workplace? Ms. Montana proposes some huge changes to the workplace standard that would appeal to the FIRE crowd looking to actually live their lives instead of being chained to a desk for years. Joe at RetireBy40 and I agree though – it’s equally important to us that the workplace itself is sensible and enhances our work life, we’ve walked from jobs because they turned into nonsense meeting-fests, or over-politicized and downright crappy.

I love awesome grandmothers – they’ve lived through trials we only know through the history books, and if we’re lucky, teach us their strength and determination.


Mortality doesn’t scare me, except for the people who would miss me, because I zoom out and realize that my life is just a mote in the universe.

If you have mascara wands lying around, you can donate them to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. Turns out they can use them to help groom the animals.


I really need this resolution not to pass: Congress is getting ready to pass a resolution that allows telecoms to sell our personal browsing data.

How a Westboro Church member regained her humanity and left the church

Files released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation reveal that early twentieth century activist and co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn predictably spent at least 1921 to 1924 under surveillance by undercover agents…”

We need some otters today

March 16, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Grocery helper edition


Enter for a chance to win a stay at Duns Castle for you and 20 guests. Plus, five runners-up could win a HomeAway® vacation. (They have 2+ million unique places to stay.)


I’m an honorary Indian! Yay! Thanks, Mrs. BITA!

You’re used to me doing pressure testing here all the time, have you done your own?


Humpback whales are organizing in huge numbers, and no one knows why – observing behaviors of whales makes me happy.


Behavior first, or neuronal activity first?

Learn something new every day. I had no idea that altitude affects your sense of taste. Then again, I’m willing to accept a fairly low quality of food because it’s only recently that I noticed airline food wasn’t that good.

Amanda’s Trail in Oregon: We have an awful history of treating Native Americans about as inhumanely as is possible to conceive.

I am the child of immigrants. When I see immigrant families torn asunder because we as a nation lack the heart, courage, or creativity to come up with a better way to deal with immigration, legal or not, I feel so utterly we’ve failed as people.

Grocery helpers

March 9, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Giraffe baby edition


Enter for a chance to win a stay at Duns Castle for you and 20 guests. Plus, five runners-up could win a HomeAway® vacation. (They have 2+ million unique places to stay.)


Are you a workplace candy dish supplier? Many of the reasons shared here are reasons why I am emphatically not – but I keep secret candy for those in distress.

Dental/orthodontia: Would you fix your teeth as an adult?

How risk averse are you?

I love this new statue on Wall Street and what it represents


Nurturing your happiness portfolio, with Mrs BITA. I spend quite a lot of effort / time doing this very thing, to counteract the stressors in other areas of my life.

I would do this. Alexa, stop eavesdropping.


On parenting: “We do not need to make our children’s childhood magical. Childhood is inherently magical, even when it isn’t perfect. My childhood wasn’t perfect and we weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination, but my birthdays were still happy because my friends came over.”  Yep, we couldn’t possibly match the magic of growing up in a world afresh, experiencing so many things for the first time, why try to duplicate the natural wonder that’s free with cheap (or expensive) toys?

Bagels and trains and a brawl. Only in the U.K.?

While I knew intellectually that chronic illness management was challenging for women of color, I never fully grasped what that looked like in practice.” These attitudes were partly why I didn’t get a proper diagnosis or care for about 15 years of debilitating pain.

Giraffe baby meets the herd

March 2, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Mufasa dog edition



How Luvvie marketed her amazing book “I’m Judging You.” I adore Luvvie’s writing and seriously respect how she’s built her career.

This is a story with a great not-yet-ending: Maggie had awful issues develop in her workplace, was ready to quit, and had a conversation with her boss that resulted in some near-immediate and vast improvementsIt was immediately clear that my boss had my back. He effectively walked around the office yelling at everyone until things were made right.

Yay Ms. ONL did a fun podcast for Mad Fientist. I like the ONLs’s journey to FI despite being one that I could never duplicate because they’re totally conscious of their choices and privileges so I can like them as people. Well, mostly Ms. ONL. I’m assuming that Mr. ONL is similarly likeable. 😉


A great primer from Kelly Sue on being a better person though the actual title is “How To Make People Uncomfortable (And Still Make a Living)” which is good too.

5 SFF Love Stories About Overcoming a Language Barrier


The SFF Equine: Troublesome Tropes About Horses

Ladies, please get checked as often as your doctor thinks you need to. Mine tells me every 3 years, some docs say every 2 years. Melanie shared a tough time she’s been going through and I’m grateful that she did. I’ve been putting my check-ups off for far too long.


February 23, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Thor in the world edition



I work from home. This is me but jammies and eating all day is not a problem. *snort*

Penny moved home after college, that made sense. In my family, going away for college wasn’t normal, forget moving out on your own.

This was a big kick in the pants that I can’t relax on the money front – we got our estate plan set up and I rested on my laurels for a bit. Then I started researching better priced life insurance policies, and rested a little more. It’s time to research long term disability policies!

When did you realize that money could buy your freedom? Ms. Montana talks about her flash point, and I shared mine too. 


Someday, we will do remote travel and it will be glorious! Or we’ll enjoy photos because I’m old, tired, and ouchy 🙂 Whatever.

Morgan Jenkins has a wonderful piece in the New Yorker reviving the legacy of Jessie Fauset


We die from white ignorance. We die from white refusal.” I can’t properly sum up the power of this piece. Please just read it. 

Why does the US still allow girls -children- be married off with parental consent whether or not they want to be married, as young as age 12???

If you’re inclined to help immigration services helping other people, see this listing.

This Captain Awkward post is a perfect example of why I told coworkers nothing about my personal life for years. They didn’t know ANYTHING about me and that’s just how I like it.

Yay…we’re getting a servant!

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