November 16, 2017

Just a little (link) love: settling turmoil edition

Does Disney pay its fair share to the City of Anaheim?

A Japanese company called Family Romance hires out actors to play all kinds of roles and I had to wonder if this was real?? For the most part it seems harmless but some examples are horrifying. He’s playing a fake parent to a girl who has no idea he’s not her actual father. I’m reeling from revelations about my actual father and am imagining how incensed I would be to have been deceived at this level growing up. And I don’t understand renting an infant to present a grandchild to your parent. Isn’t the jig going to be up when you walk in still fully pregnant?? The fourth trimester doesn’t leave you THAT bloated.

Working mothers and their daughters talk:  Ting added a bit of humor: “One of her main ambitions in life is to get paid more than my dad. It’s kind of mean, but what she was saying is that she wants to be respected as much as everyone else.” (that’s me!)

Doesn’t anyone feel like a cartoon villain when they talk like this?: “You’re all going to lose your heads over this!”

What’s your splurge? Donna asks. I haven’t splurged exactly, we’ve just been buying necessities. Oh, food. I bought Brie last month and it’s heavenly. We had to buy a bed and mattress for our guest room – we already have about 14 days of guests planned for the next three months. Possibly more.

November 9, 2017

Just a little (link) love: I am a pizza edition

Do you think there’s still stigma around sharing pregnancy news in the first trimester?

The number of ways our society finds to demean, punish, and oppress poor people is disgusting. Separating parents from their children, accusing them of abandonment, and then barring them from seeing said children?? Disgusting. 

There’s a NAME for why we’re so bad at time management when we make commitments! I’m actually getting good at dealing with this but I know others who aren’t.

It’ll sound weird to say this but I’m happy to discover these PF bloggers living with chronic pain – Kiwi and Keweenaw reached smart conclusions about this life lightyears before I did.

Maggie’s FinCon-on-Twitter recap cracked me up. Especially because she included one of my more stressful moments 🙂

I am a pizza! (with extra cheese)

JB has been singing this for months but we didn’t know what the song was until recently. And now I gift it to you. It’s pretty cute.

November 2, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Husky Bubbles edition

What can sleep deprivation do to parents? Yes to so many of these problems.

I remember reading the BoxcarKids’ blog when we were both starting out as bloggers, during the Recession, and I’m so glad she’s still around and doing better.

I find myself rooting for this couple brought together by chance and the scummy actions of a selfish man

One in ten girls are catcalled before age 11. Totally disgusting and not a surprise – I saw some of that happening when I was growing up.

Lily at Frugal Gene talks about parents withholding information from their kids, and theorizes her mom was ashamed of being poor. I can understand that. We all have different reactions to poverty. I grew up poor, Mom grew up impoverished. We talked about how hard her childhood was and what she had to do to improve her circumstances as a child, so there was no shame attached to the idea of not having money, there was instead motivation to do better. But I was STILL at least a little embarrassed during my twenties that I was so poor through no fault of my own. JB is currently growing up in SUCH a different environment of having anything and everything ze needs, though not everything ze wants, and I want zir to have a healthy and realistic relationship to money.

Check out Liz’s breadwinning, 6-figure moms series.

Fascinating. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own one guinea pig (for a good reason). Hattip @geekdadchris for the link!

Husky Bubbles

October 26, 2017

Just a little (link) love: cheetahs meow edition

I don’t read The Financial Diet often so I’m happy that I dropped in on the day they published this gem.

Thanks to Katherine for sharing this Nora Ephron piece on living in New York.

Glory Edim making a day job and running Well Read Black Girl all work.

What’s your financial personality?

Hm. I wonder if it’s just the PF community that believes so strongly in the idea of self employment as the One True Way to Millionaireship. I pretty strongly disagree with that. But maybe the subset of people who believe this so strongly is the subset most likely to succeed because they can afford to take risks, already have income to sustain them while they take those risks, and aren’t worried about survival. My personal family experience with self employment was without any of those advantages because my parents were immigrants and faced many headwinds: starting from the bottom with literally nothing, plus two small children to support, in a new country where everything was foreign.

Mrs Adventure Rich asked what would go on your wall? I didn’t mean to be a total nerd about it but it just happened. You can’t stop this nerdroll.

Thanks to Little Green Revelation for sharing this link to a Fast Company article on a bizarre situation involving mattress companies, their advertising and affiliate deals, and suing blogging reviewers.

It’s important to listen to women when they share their harassment experiences. Lupita Nyong’o: Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein

Cheetahs don’t roar??

October 19, 2017

Just a little (link) love: sneaky owl edition

If this week has a theme, it’s emergency preparedness! So what do you think of Lily’s exercise in preparing for the second Great Depression? Do you think it’s likely to happen again in the next 10, 20, 30 years?

Big Law: “Those institutions are built on a pile of broken dreams and paralyzed children. They are towers of stolen money and lives. And the bulk of their activities which are not downright sinister are simply parasitic. They’re vampire squids wrapped around the face of humanity.”

Liz at Chief Mom Office answered my question about how to teach kids about money.

A hard but good read on estrangement and grieving

How do you find time to cook / eat healthy meals? Sherry’s got an amazing routine down for feeding her family when you’re a busy parent. I may steal a few pages from her book!

Sarah Gailey’s “Women of Harry Potter: Ginny Weasley Is Not Impressed” is a must read.

Sneaky owl!

October 12, 2017

Just a little (link) love: fools at the table edition

Financial privilege exists. Recognizing it and how it works in your life means you can learn where you too can make an impact for others.

Can Ethical Shopping Ever Be Budget Friendly? Kara asks a question that I’m trying to answer with my own shopping choices. The fact is that so far, in my experience, the cheaper the item, the more likely it wasn’t made ethically or that the company engages in really iffy behaviors. An overnight change isn’t feasible but we do the best we can, one decision after another.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor posed a very simple inquiry that cut to the core of the case: “Could you tell me what the value is to democracy from political gerrymandering? How does that help our system of government?”

I loved Ruth’s Letter To Student, Raised Below Poverty Line, at Threshold of Middle Class

SP asked: What percentage of your assets are in home equity? And I ask – are you comfortable with your percentages? I would like our percentages if they were based on a much higher net worth and less debt.

The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment – this is pretty fantastic.

Little Green Revolution bid good-bye to a parent recently. I’d never heard of the Swedish art of death cleaning before but it’s what I’m practicing now, looking for ways to stay on top of our clutter, getting our financial and personal affairs in order, making sure that JuggerBaby will be cared for if we pass suddenly any time soon.

Soooo many fools, y’all….

October 5, 2017

Just a little (link) love: high five edition

Marjorie Liu is an amazing writer and her work with Sana Takeda (artist) on Monstress is devastatingly beautiful.

Emotional labor is real labor. The form it takes in our lives just varies.

FANTASTIC t-shirt.

I will never understand how parents can cut off their children over the matter of whom they love. I hope these women are the happiest in their marriage.

Ms. Steward on the Basic Human Decency fund and me on community capital: There are costs for being part of the community and you have to pay them in order to BE part of the community. At the time I rolled my eyes a little bit when Dad made that comment because I was just going to help a friend out and calling it a cost was overblown, but that wouldn’t seem like a cost to a single 23 year old. Now as a married with many responsibilities, I can see how it can feel more like a cost. But I know I’ve got the right friends when the natural response to what we do for each other is: “that’s what you do.”

I absolutely adore this ginger scallion sauce, even the oily and unhealthy version, but healthy substitutions are also appreciated.

My favorite part of this animal identifying app is: “The app, however, seems to struggle with human children, who have variously been billed as northern leopard frogs and ringneck snakes.”

It’s been a hard few weeks – high five for making it through!


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