By: Revanche

Upcoming Doggleversary

April 4, 2012

Our dear old Doggle, our canine companion of nearly a year, is now officially spoiled within a inch of his life. Nearly by us, mostly by our friends. Our friends lost their own beloved pet not too long ago and asked for the loan of Doggle when we traveled to fill their empty home for a little while, which we were glad to do as he looooves them.

We’ve now figured out why: the kids not only feed him treats hand over fist, he doesn’t just get a yard to romp in, he gets to sleep on the furniture! *cue heart attack*

We were texted a photo of him stretched out on the sofa, bookended by two excessively happy kidlings. Honestly. New meaning to Barcalounger.

Of course now that we’re home, he’s bored and aloof and his old bed is too small. And smooshed. And boring. And Pic, feeling the sting of mopey dejected dog, is ready to bribe Doggle with Yet Another Bed. That’s right, his third bed in less than a year.

Shall we recap?

He’s gotten in the last 11 months:

A new home.
Two beds.
Leashes and collars.
A car.
Two toys he really loves.
All the health care he can stand (and then some).
Oh, and endless food, love and affection, road trips to see extended family and friends who dote on him. And far too many treats from zany neighbor and kooky older people who can’t help themselves.

Next year, he’ll probably get a house with a yard full of grass we’ll have to water and mow for him.

Does anyone want to say it? No? Lucky dog!

Obviously, pretty tongue in cheek “resentment” here, he’s a lot of work wrapped up in an adorable fur coat and it’s equal parts love and sigh.

Oil and Garlic has run into a much more sobering difficulty with her dogs that I’ve known very well back home in Southern California.

2 Responses to “Upcoming Doggleversary”

  1. oilandgarlic says:

    Do you want 2 other very old dogs? Haha.

  2. Revanche says:

    Haha, I don’t think we should just *yet* become the compound for rather to very old dogs! 🙂

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