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Sharing the love: Links and then some

June 5, 2012

Andrea at So Over Debt spent $4 on packing materials to get back $460 by selling back textbooks using Amazon’s trade-in store. 

I used to sell back my books to the bookstore right after the final, literally in some cases, but there were texts that I held onto out of sheer, stupid sentimentality. And then some books were classics, so I held on to those, but eventually realized I’d not picked them up in years so I went through a variety of textbook buy back sites to sell to the highest bidder – always with prepaid shipping. Those paid cash back, not store credit, so that was always a boon to my checking account.  Some old standbys: Bookbyte, Ecampus, Abebooks 

Vanessa at Random Thoughts and Acronyms had a bit of an epiphany about the opportunity cost in taking holidays and vacations

Once upon a time, I only thought of the opportunity cost and not at all about the opportunity. This is why I’ve only gone on two real vacations ever, and only driven by my boundless love for comics have I never violated my annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Even those have, until recently, been on a shoestring budget to offset the opportunity cost.
Now, I evaluate the opportunity as well. There are so many opportunities that I didn’t and couldn’t offer my mom before she died and I regret every single one of them acutely. If I’m going to work this hard, it should be for a better reason, for a better ending than “She was sick and then she died.”

Funny’s gone and created a whole list of things to do to protect your privacy

I love it. I hate this increasing trend of intrusiveness into our lives, the forcible sharing, the timelining of our lives, pilfering from our friendships and spreading them across the internet and the databases and the scans and the videos and the mapping.

Yes, there’s a bit of irony in my saying this on a relatively public forum like a public blog. But I don’t mind this blog being read, just in the invasion of my anonymity that was intentionally swathed to protect not just my identity but that of those lives with whom my life is intertwined.

Katherine at Feather Factor interviewed Patrick Rothfuss

I’ve actually known more about him as a person/ality than as an author (though, as a personality, it was probably as an authorial personality because how do you distinguish?) because I hadn’t had a chance to pick up his books. I did recently and devoured the Kingkiller Chronicles. And am sulking around waiting for the third installment because I have no patience whatsoever.

I particularly love that he threw in the bit about having 1 pair of pants and the subsequent lack of reaction to it. Or was my favorite the part about his moment of self-actualization, such as it was? Whatever, please, have a read of the interview, I <3 Patrick Rothfuss. I also need to hit up that reading list again and keep myself busy while I wait. But I am loathe to spend more money on ebooks so I might go the library route while there’s no need for me to be highly portable. Eemusings is asking what’s more motivating: paying down debt or saving up sums?

Same same for me. Can’t hoard if I have a hole in the ground, though, must fill it first, then pave it over, then build a house atop the hole.

Bella at One Sister’s Rant shares one possible reason not having Facebook is probably healthier.

I should keep on staying off Facebook. I’m too evil to be stalkerating.

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  1. LOL! Thanks for the link! 🙂

  2. Katie C. says:

    I really like your analogy here about having a hole in the ground. Hm. I never thought about it that way!

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