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September 15, 2012

Doggle is finally learning to play a little bit.

  • I’ve been chasing him around the yard when we travel to places that have yards, and he chases me in turn. Hilarity.
  • He is crap at visual recognition. He couldn’t figure out that he’d knocked his toy under a piece of furniture and in his panic to find a toy, any toy, he ran to a pile of towels and tried to pick them up. Β No, dear, those aren’t for you.

Once in a while, I fondly look at my husband and wonder: how did we end up together? We’re so different.

  • He loves Groundhog Day. I haaaaate that movie. I didn’t have an opinion on Bill Murray until that film and to this day, I have a near-allergic reaction to his character’s smarminess.
  • His love of Coming to America baffles me just as much. But it doesn’t bother me.
  • He’s a compulsive cleaner. I’m comfortable with cyclical cleaning or cleaning as stress relief. I did grow up stomping about barns, after all.

The new horizon is so bright and shiny. It was hell on the innards traipsing my way toΒ the conclusion and Things To Come. But so worth it.

  • A new thing to learn: pacing myself. I am so very bad at this.
  • I have added at least one, sometimes two! walks to my day. That’s pretty good for a new routine where I could have backslid into none.
Finances feel neglected. Not like they’re dwindling while I’m off playing or working necessarily, just that I’m not 100% on top of every detail.
  • This is true because I missed a credit card bill. Called to have the late fee waived but not within minutes.
  • Karen, regular reader, tells me that HSBC notified her of intent to implement a $12 inbound transfer fee which we both think is crap. I’m not a customer though I was considering opening an account there – wonder if they followed through.
  • Very happy about the salary bump though not ready to start the calculations of how far away we still are from a refinance and a small yard.

I suspect I just have brain overload at the moment – too many commitments and for the first time, my survival doesn’t depend on knowing where every penny lives. My gut still doesn’t love that idea though so it’s taking note.

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  1. Katie C. says:

    I have never seen Groundhog Day! David’s response was, “You’ve never seen Groundhog Day?! I love that movie.” Now I must watch it to find out if I’m more compatible with you or my husband and PiC.

    And I’m a stress cleaner. I *try* to be compulsive about cleaning. I yearn for that kind of routine. But I can never seem to muster up the excitement. But when I’m stressed? It’s all I want to do! Just this morning I gave the litter box a good cleaning and began cleaning the kitchen. Then I was distracted by the Internet. Ah well, the dirt will still be there tomorrow.

    Good work on the walks! Once David heals from his surgery (and me too, I guess – weird), I’d love for us to talk daily walks together around the neighborhood. It’s so scenic, and the weather is going to be perfect in a month or so. I’m more of a write-to-clear-my-mind kind of gal, though I envy people who take walks to do so.

    • Revanche says:

      I can’t say I’m a FAN of cleaning compulsion, you drive yourself plus everyone around you nuts. πŸ˜€

      But writing to clear your mind is rather a nicely productive thing to do. I like to do both, but more writing than walking for now.

  2. Ms. S says:

    Oh my, the fella loves Coming to America and watches it every time it comes on tv. I can do without.
    I bank with HSBC and will be closing my account because $12, or any fee for that matter, to transfer in is ridiculous.
    Good job on staying active and going on your walks.

    • Revanche says:

      So they really are going to charge a fee to transfer in? UGH.

      Thanks – I’m just working on getting better at getting better, a little bit at a time.

      • Karen says:

        The following account fees will change as of September 23, 2012:

        Funds Transfer-In, per incoming transfer – $12 each (the transfer of funds from another person’s account, or another financial institution to your HSBC account)

        And I liked CtA. Groundhog Day, I think not so much but I can’t recall. Like you, GB was probably last I liked Bill.

  3. Serendipity says:

    I love that you are learning how to pace yourself. Sometimes I can’t during a high peorid ( I get mood swings and have highs and lows) and I end up crashing. Also, Groundhog Day is lost on me. Bill Murrary can only do so much and I prefer him as a ghost buster.

    • Revanche says:

      It’s very much a process! And I do work through moods as well, though they don’t swing tremendously, luckily. Might be all that sugar I eat when I get bored. πŸ˜‰ (Sort of kidding … a little.)

      Yeah, I think Ghostbusters might be the last time I liked him!

  4. Groundhog Day & Coming to America are good movies. Don’t judge! I’m on PiC on this. And this is just a few differences, you too still share values and that’s what really matters. And the values you don’t share, you respect each other for. That’s all that really matters. Sides, you ouldn’t want to marry yourself. That’d be boring. Face it, you & PiC complement each other. πŸ˜€

    On a side note, will we ever see a photo of him ever? He’s just so adorable. Reminds me of Dug from Up!

    • Revanche says:

      *laughing* We do compliment each other, strangely. I’m not judging, I’m just observing. HE’s the judginMcJudgerson, mocking the movies I like!

      And I often joke that we’re the bizarros of some of my other couple friends.

      Unfortunately, Doggle’s an AnonyDog, I think he’s too easy to recognize and I’d be outing all of us if I posted a photo of him. I wish I could, I take so MANY pictures of him now and he’s soooo cute!!

  5. Katie C. says:

    So… I watched Groundhog Day. I did not like! There were some funny moments, but even when he took up piano lessons, I thought, “Okay, he’s just doing that to get in Rita’s pants.” Maybe I’m too cynical for that movie.

    I do enjoy movies about people getting second chances (through weird time travel) and reevaluating their choices as a result though. My fav is The Family Man with Nick Cage. Check it out if you haven’t seen it! It’s best viewed during the holidays. πŸ™‚

    • Revanche says:

      YES! I think that stuff too! All the “clever” stuff he did, I got really annoyed with because I just thought you know? You’re just a manipulative punk. You’re not clever.

      I’ve only ever seen a chunk of The Family Man, I think. Maybe I’ll give it a go. Nic Cage usually gives me the creeps a little.

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