By: Revanche

Fooding Test Drive: Lobster Shack

October 3, 2012

We were stranded between consultations for Doggle miles away from home and I hadn’t eaten a meal in several hours except for some fruit so PiC found a nearby food hut to tantalize my stressiness off the ledge. He’d been feeding me bits and bites and figured something tasty would be easier to get me to actually want to eat.

It was a bit costlier than our usual fare, but heck. A tenner more wasn’t going to break the bank and it kept me functional for the rest of a very tough day.

And look, pretty pictures for the blog too! Win-win-win!

A tin bucket of oyster crackers. Two of my favorite things.

It’s possible this makes me a huge doofus but I’m sure other things already put me in that category. I love oyster crackers, and I love tin buckets. *shrug* That’d be the 5 year old country girl in me.

A cup of clam chowder

Seems like we can’t not try the clam chowder wherever we go. And this time, highly touted by the highly excitable lady at the counter. As it turns out, she was hugely excited because she actually thought we were the same customers from the night before. Had to break it to her that we were new customers who were trying out the place for the first time, so she was really happy to see, well, strangers. But nice to meetcha!

The Maine Crab Roll

Confession: Some days my memory span = life span of a gnat. We vacillated long enough between two lobster rolls and a crab roll + a lobster roll that I just forgot what we ordered entirely. So by the time this came, I just thought it was an anemic looking lobster roll.  I failed to appreciate the lobstery goodness. Then PiC reminded me it was crab. Ohhh…. uh. Yeah.  Good job, me.  It was fine for crab but it reminded me why I’m so particular about my crab. Go Maryland Blue Crab!

The Naked Lobster Roll

The Lobster roll was pretty delicious – I’m not usually one for lobster but I skipped the butter and mayo and with just a squeeze of lemon: perfection.

~~ ~~~ ~~

It’s just pricey enough that I wouldn’t go out of my way to find the Shack but it was really good. Their “rolls” – the bread slices that were cut into the middle of and made to be sandwich-like things were incredibly good. They had to be buttered and fried, they were amazingly soft inside and just a bit crisped and crunchy on the outside but not greasy.

Definitely a treat I’d bring visitors over to try.

5 Responses to “Fooding Test Drive: Lobster Shack”

  1. omigod. *droolz* that lobster roll looks divine!! you west coasters are so lucky!
    on a side note… What exactly is an oyster cracker?

    • Revanche says:

      We were actually wondering that VERY thing over this meal! I don’t know why they’re called oyster crackers specifically but they’re just small, thumbnail sized, saltine type crackers. Slightly thicker, slightly puffy with air inside, not filled. Like many foods, I love them because they’re cute.

      I’m starting to come around to the food selections we have up here. 🙂 I still miss a lot of my favorites back home but now that we’re finding new things because we actually *leave the house*… 😉

  2. Quest says:

    Wow. That looks delicious. What is there not to love about seafood??

  3. StackingCash says:

    OMG! Lobster roll looks so yummy! Exotic and simple at the same time, a great juxtaposition.

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