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Imaginary Shopping Sprees: ThinkGeek

December 20, 2012

Oh, ThinkGeek. Damn your marketing department for doing fun stuff like TimmyKart race to $500 game thingy!

It was fun trying to fill the cart with exactly $500 worth of merchandise and hoping to win (knowing I really probably wouldn’t) (but hoping I would); less fun not winning.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m pretty sure the point was really to snag our attention and maybe get some unplanned buys or padding any planned purchases with impulse buys by getting us to browse more freely than we might have normally, and by getting things into our shopping carts.

It did manage to make me realize how much neat stuff I want but can’t (won’t) buy for myself because I’ve already spent quite a lot of disposable income on Doggle, oh so many ways on Doggle, and I had way too much inย business clothing + tailoring costs.

In the spirit of sharing, I bring you my shopping cart:

I did leave out the TARDIS cookie jar that I always look at because let’s be honest, I think we should know that if I have a cookie jar, there’s a visceral need for it to be magically filled up with all the cookies constantly. Who’s going to do that? ย Not me. I’m the eater. Course, if there wasn’t a $500 limit, that cookie jar would be on the list.

Come to think, more than half the stuff on this list turn out to be intended gifts. I indirectly benefit from some of them: the entertainment of seeing Doggle freak out at his toys making Star Wars noises or getting even more protective of these strange critters; enveloping friends’ kids in monster bathrobes; etc. ย The TARDIS bathrobe would totally be mine though.

What would have been on your list? And if not at ThinkGeek, where would you have Spree’d?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If I were to Spending Spree, though, there are other happy places to spend money I’d love to freely throw money:

The rescue from whence Doggle sprang – I’d like to support their work.

Pitbull rescues that do rehab work. I always felt awful for the poor, earnest pitbulls at the shelters where I volunteered – they were automatically condemned to be put down if owners didn’t claim them. A major problem was that so many dogs look like they were pitbulls, but weren’t, and were discriminated against or mistreated (not mistreated by the shelter) the same. And many of the rescues that I worked with later on (not at the shelter) were generally good dogs when they were taken care of, trained or rehabbed. Not all can be rehabbed, but that’s true of every breed. It’s just not all breeds are condemned so unilaterally as the pitbulls.

Toys for Tots.

Helping kids in the foster care system and displaced families.

5 Responses to “Imaginary Shopping Sprees: ThinkGeek”

  1. Kris says:

    Oh, Thinkgeek. Such a tease!

  2. But wait. What if the cookie jar secretly IS a tardis? Wouldn’t that be kinda handy to have sitting on the kitchen counter?

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Nice thought about better ways to spend one’s $$.

  3. Kim says:

    Kudos for thinking of rescues and other charities ๐Ÿ™‚ I help out with a pit bull rescue as well (although they also assist other breeds). Often the holiday “spirit” that people have doesn’t last year-round – even though these organizations do need our help all year.

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