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Irony, in follow-up and business breakdowns

January 28, 2013

I almost have to laugh.

Immediately after my health and fitness update, feeling like stopping all my pain meds including the anti-depressant intended to reduce and manage the pain was actually working out pretty well, everything hit the skids.

Two days of flu symptoms: fatigue, sore throat, cough and dizzy head, enough so that I, le Workaholique, called off work early both days, followed up by the most incredible fibro flare I’ve had in months.  Tiny trains of pain running over my limbs, taking one out at a time so that by 10 am I was a sniveling wreck. And lest wandering right off the balcony was on my mind, the better to end my misery, my brain would quite literally tighten up and spin every time I stood for more than 90 seconds. Timed.

The most I could handle was a few episodes of West Wing, bless PiC for figuring out that’s what I’d want because heaven knows I was barely forming real words, and then trying to sleep it off.

I’d like to redeem a coupon for one lost Saturday, please. 

Sunday was blessedly slightly better, standing upright was not proscribed so the massage previously scheduled for noon stayed on. This is the first time I’ve had one so close to a flare and it was a bit worrisome how it’d work out.

As usual, she hurt me. But it was for a good cause. My usual mental litany of “what the crap is going on with my muscles?” and “how do you get knots like that?” lasted for about half the massage, and half was just good and relaxing. Which meant I had time to start thinking about things like money.

I pay an astronomical $95/hour. I buy gift certificates at 10% off, but tip well so it may as well be $105. The base cost of the service is reimbursable from our FSA because this is for a documented health condition, so the money is pre-tax after reimbursement. Oh, how I love FSA!  (And how I hate that it’s been capped.)

I was paying half that for a lot of places in the area but none of them were any good, I always came out of the appointments feeling vaguely dissatisfied and rumpled. Here, I have the services of one amazing masseuse who tailors every single treatment to my needs, pays attention to what I say, asks how the pressure is every single time, and exerts an amazing amount of pressure. She’s working hard for her money! And, I think I mentioned the luxury of the spa itself before. It’s non-essential, obviously, but the lotion, hot towels, lounge with snacks, water and tea, and a shower with fresh towels are all perfectly lovely. And cost money. As does the hire of the person to attend to the laundry, cleaning the shower after each person and stocking the snacks in the lounge. After a good maundering think, I supposed that it’s quite possible the masseuses are really taking home about $40-60/hour at most, because the business has more overhead than a more spartan establishment and has to make a profit as well.

The things that make me feel better, honestly.

As upset as I was on Saturday, the breaking of the good streak, the feeling that no good streak will ever last, the fear that I’ll have to keep living in fear or worry no matter how hard I work at eating healthy and keeping fit … I do really have to be grateful that I’ve only been feeling ill and in pain on and off for about four days so far this stretch and the fibro part relented after a couple days. It really could easily have gone for ten times that long. Knock wood that it doesn’t but I will be grateful for every improvement, no matter how temporary. Not cheerful, but grateful.

11 Responses to “Irony, in follow-up and business breakdowns”

  1. Grace says:

    These things ALWAYS happen on a weekend, don’t they? And if they aren’t happening, you can court disaster by blogging about how great you feel. I do hope you are feeling better by now.

    • Revanche says:

      It really does. But that’s marginally better than during the week. It does really feel like blogging positively often opens the door to minor disaster.

  2. Ms.S says:

    Money well spent, I say! I guess there’s a reason your masseuse is more expensive since she’s that talented. I’m sorry that you have to get them for those reasons and really hope you are doing better.

    • Revanche says:

      Thanks for the well wishes. Absolutely my masseuse is really good at her job so I feel much better about the worth of the massages. Unlike the ones that were half the price and worse than half the quality!

  3. Michael Martin says:

    I agree about it being money well spent. If your current masseuse makes you feel good, that is worth the extra money. I really wish you were feeling better.

  4. Karen says:

    I think it’s money well spent.
    Hope you feel better.

  5. So many people categorize massages under “alternative” medicine and it makes me crazy. Massages are healing!

    Be well.

    • Revanche says:

      Yeah, medical professionals can’t categorize it under regular care still but it seems to be making some headway. Thanks, and you take care too.

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