By: Revanche

Fooding Test Drive: Jack’s Prime

February 27, 2013


Our favorite diner isn’t open every night for dinner so when we have the odd BURGER-BURGER-BURGER craving, we needed a back up.

Thanks to @chicago_ted’s endorsement, we decided to give Jack’s Prime a try. PiC had heard of it before, I hadn’t, but I’m willing to try food on a single recommendation.

It’s specifically a burger place so they do more than the basic cheeseburger and hamburgers that we can get from the diner. Less complicated than the wildly popular (so I’m told) Barney’s Gourmet Burgers over here but still more complicated than I really need.

I fail to appreciate the super messy burger with spinach, or swiss cheese and mushrooms, chili and sour cream – they’re all a bit over the top for me. A cheeseburger or a hamburger loaded with fresh veggies (and bacon!) hits the spot, every time. Sometime chicken or turkey but otherwise, basic works just fine.

The Voodoo Fries, though, they sounded pretty awesome.

Their burgers are on the pricey side, in my opinion, starting at $9.00 for your basic burger.  We settled on two burgers, side of onion rings for an extra $1.50, a side salad and couple of waters. If I was hungrier, those Voodoo Fries would have been MINE, plus the Rainbow Shake. Our really simple but filling meal ran about $26 after tax and tip.

Their food is pretty great and we’ve gone back again after our first taste test. It’s only not our first choice because their prices are rather hefty ($6 for specialty fries, same again for a shake, burgers start at $9) while their serving sizes are a bit skimpy. I can almost count the fries served up on the side, or the leaves in that side salad up there.  I might be petite but my appetite typically isn’t.

Any burger lovers out there?

6 Responses to “Fooding Test Drive: Jack’s Prime”

  1. eemusings says:

    T is the burger fan in the relationship, but I can appreciate a good one too (like you say – fresh veggies and bacon are always a selling point).

  2. StackingCash says:

    I love food. Burgers have been on my recent craving list. If you have the time, check out one of my favorites on Yelp, Bachi Burger in Las Vegas, NV. In regards to cost, I feel like a glutton and a horrible PF person because I drop serious money on food. Well, for my income at least.

    • Revanche says:

      I’ll add that to a list of food to try in Vegas. It’s been years since my last visit and I have no idea what they have anymore.

  3. Jean says:

    I follow you on Google Reader, and live literally walking distance from Jack’s Prime!

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