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Sharing is caring: Reflections Edition

February 22, 2013

via @cthulhuchick and someone else: YOU HAD ONE JOB

via @thedoggypeople: Vet visits, oh Dog! (Image) I knew dogs like this. Better extra clingy than other *ahem* fear mechanisms that require a mop.

A lovely Valentine’s Day sentiment from feMOMhist.

via @cthulhuchick: The most adorable dog and lamb pair (GIF) Dogs as caregivers are always the best.

via @singlema: Best Secret Sister gifts post makes me “jealous” as a gift-giver. I love that feeling of knowing that a gift recipient truly loves the gift that I selected and that it suited them right down to the ground.

If anyone says we’re living in a post-racial world, have a read here of how Ashley Miller lost her father. Honestly, I really don’t see how choosing to stand by the person insisting on racism is the right thing to do.

SingleMomRichMom has a fun post about “eccentrics“; I’d say 4.5 of the first bullets apply to me but I never really thought I was eccentric.  In my overly egotistical world view, I’m normal! 🙂  As is MochiMac, who merited a link in that post.


It’s been a singularly rough week, healthwise. More on that later.

Have been keeping head down (figuratively) and barreling forward with work and side projects.  Also keeping up on shows that keep my brain ticking over when it wants to flop over, distracted, in silence.

Confused why Suits is already having their season finale when they’ve only done about 6 new shows. They’d BETTER not be getting cancelled. Grumpy we’re still waiting for Grimm to come back. Downton Abbey is rough times.

We’re scheduling a lot of travel this year and quite a lot more visits than we’ve ever had. Good friends and new friends, it’s kind of exciting.

Leopards and Mirrors: I keep laughing over this video but feel a little guilty. If cats could curse! Also the cicadas singing is an amazing counterpoint.

5 Responses to “Sharing is caring: Reflections Edition”

  1. Mochimac says:

    Best compliment I’ve gotten so far, being called an eccentric. It’s exactly the word for me. 😉

  2. Karen says:

    That leopard was obsessed! Spent at least 5 hours trying to get the mirror to play, ignoring the other leopard 🙂

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