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Sharing is caring: Kittens, hedgies and hoarding

March 8, 2013

from @TheIndependent: A 33 year old doctor from the UK is restrained, abused, and drugged by her family & their household to force her into marriage. She refuses and is kidnapped into a hospital for three months of continued forced drugs for psychosis and abuse. WTF health professionals? WTF culture where it’s ok to abuse and damage the health of a loved one to force conformity?

from @foodandwine: A recipe for Bacon, Tomato, Chedder and Egg Breakfast Bake

from @TeacHer: Outlines the way I blog. It’d be nice to make money but at the moment, it’d mean losing editorial & authorial freedoms to write whenever and however.

from @Miss_Thrifty: Evidently a major newspaper doesn’t believe that anyone with a “decent” job would coupon. Pardon me?

from @livewire: Iowa Republicans trying to push through legislation to make divorce more difficult.  They’re trying to limit the only legitimate grounds for divorce to:
* proving a spouse was guilty of adultery,
* had been sent to prison on a felony conviction,
* had physically or sexually abused someone in the family, or
* had abandoned the family for at least a year.

So people who want a divorce, in any circumstance – amicable or antagonistic- are reduced to these four options. Awesome. Government: Get out of my personal life. You do not get to dictate how best to have or raise a family, that is NOT your role. I don’t plan on getting a divorce but my right to it shouldn’t be the business of the government. How and why we get married, how and why we dissolve that marriage is not their provenance.

from @hufflepup: Everyone should have some cheek in their lives. I think.


~ The flurry over Sheryl Sandberg’s book before it’d even been released or read?  I call Bullshit.  Read the damn book before you lose your minds.

Second: what the hell is wrong with encouraging people – sorry, women – who want to, to make the most of their careers, to excel, to reach higher, to deal with reality? Is she in some way taking something away from All Women by doing that? We can’t encourage people positively unless we’re also specifically hating on the sexist culture?  We can’t have positivity at all because our job as women is to hate and only hate on sexism? /rant. I’m not cool with the bashing of women by women because women MUST act a certain way in the service of womenhood. It’s ludicrous. Everything that gains traction, everything that helps is good.  You don’t just carry one arrow for your bowstring. Of course sexism is horrible and in some places rampant. It absolutely chaps my ass and I’m against it. But there are times to be against things. There are times to be FOR things. You don’t have to always be about the negative. How do you grow while living in the shade of hate? I can’t do it.

~ PiC doesn’t grasp (my) Hoarder & Fear of Going Without Logic.

Chomping through an entire box of Do-si-dos, I stopped short of putting the last one in my mouth. Because if I eat the last one, I won’t have anymore when I want cookies again. That’d be horrible.

A plastic container had to be rescued from disposal on grounds of “it’s cute! I like it! And .. we don’t have one just like it!” Worrying we won’t have the perfect-size reusable plastic container is the obsession that skips down my tilty Goldilocksian brain lane along with needing to have 30 tote bags.

~ By the way, Girl Scout cookies? THEY ARE MESSING WITH US. Like ice cream getting packaged in smaller quantities than it used to be, there are clearly at least two fewer cookies per tube of cookies. Sigh. Dammit. Now I have to buy more.

Also I heard a rumor that GSCs are made for Keebler to sell under another name, year round. I investigated. Not sure that I recognize any of my favorites.

~ I cannot even tell you how much I love my new TARDIS robe from the wonderful @mochimac. Seriously. It arrived when I was emerging from the lowest lows, not having the easiest time of it, and put a smile on my insides. Now, I can work in style!  Also, I can randomly announce that I’m a TARDIS!

~ I found another chocolate shop in the city that has amazing deliciousness: Kika’s Treats. Kind of ridiculously pricey but I liked buying a small thingy for PiC to try and reveling in how good even just a couple pieces are. As if I needed another expensive chocolate shop in my life.


4 Responses to “Sharing is caring: Kittens, hedgies and hoarding”

  1. Katie C. says:

    1) Cutest video ever, though I feel sorry for kitty. Playing with that pal would HURT.

    2) I don’t know about all Keebler cookies, but the Girl Scout thin mints are basically the same as Keebler’s Grasshopper cookies. Those are the only Girl Scout cookies that make me go ga ga, so my tummy is happy that I can get them any time and for much less moolah.

    3) Glad I missed the Sheryl Sandberg craziness. I read a Jessica Valenti opinion piece to get the gist of it. It seems, like you said, most critics hadn’t even read the book yet. Valenti says Sandberg DID address “the sexist internal and external forces that keep women from advancing in their careers.”

  2. That is one of the silliest (strangest?) critter videos I’ve ever seen! Dang…now I’ll be forced to google “hedgehog” and find out something about that little guy.

    Hoarding? Tell him it’s not hoarding: it’s “investing in food futures.” 😉

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