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West Coast Food: Eating on the Road

August 31, 2013



I did say that we’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, didn’t I?  A big part of that has been food, food and food. YUM.

On review, it does seem like the options weren’t always super healthy… Whoops.

Upper left corner     On a day when the pain was overwhelming and sleep was elusive, food was so unappealing that nothing on the menu looked good. PiC ordered a funny-sounding dish and it turned out to be perfect: a hearty vegetable soup, sliced bread, generous chunks of cheese, a handful of blueberries and a wafer thin slices of peach. I’m not normally vegetarianly inclined but I didn’t miss the meat in this at all.  Never knew how delicious such a simple combination could be. Also never I liked Brie.
Marché Provisions: Eugene, OR

Upper right corner    This waffle has basically ruined waffles for me, forever. A sweetly crispy, bacon and syrup infused waffle, topped with perfect bacon pieces – not bits, not slices – and topped with a runny egg. Hea-ven on a PLATE.  Pretty reasonable at around $8-10 per waffle that’s basically a meal.
Off the Waffle: Eugene, OR

Lower left corner    Wandering the city, headed for Laughing Planet Cafe, we got distracted by a furniture clearance shop and then too starved to go any further, ran across the street to Oven & Shaker for their happy hour instead. The prices weren’t nearly as good as we had expected for a happy hour but the Wild Fennel Sausage pizza with tomato, smoked mozzarella and potatoes was perfect for two.
Oven and Shaker: Portland, OR

Lower right corner    For all my love of cheese, I hadn’t tried any of the grilled cheese trucks or shops hereabouts, until now. The Mousetrap sandwich (Tillamook sharp cheddar, creamy havarti, Monterey jack, on artisan sourdough) and added grilled onions and tomatoes.  With an ice cold drink, what more could you ask for? Fresh strawberries on the side of course. Summer at its best.
The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen: San Francisco, CA

We had a few other amazing meals, both homecooked and out and about, but I’ll spare you the extra drool 🙂

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