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Sharing is caring: Looking for the good

October 16, 2013

Everyday life has been mortally exhausting of late.

See Maryville which makes me sick;
See the debates that sprang up around the unprofessionalism directed at @DNLee5;
See the outing of a respected science blogger as yet another person who has harassed and the resulting discussion about that:
See the unending BART union talks/possible strikes:
See all the ripple effects from the government shutdown.
For a start.

In reaction, I’ve been casting about for inspiration and positivity to offset it. Not to pretend that the horrors and horribleness of the world doesn’t exist, I can hardly hear myself think for the din, but to balance out the sinking feeling in my gut every time I hear the news, or see an update or new hashtag of some thing going wrong.

There are still good things and worthwhile people and I just need a solid reminder of it.

Tim O’Reilly on his experience in management. Hat tip to Wandering Scientist.

Also, Wandering Scientist has a neat new site called Tungsten Hippo. I love stories and things that promote growth and stories.

I believe in investing in myself but $2000+ for a conference purely to satisfy my curiosity is a bit steep. It’s still intriguing though: Women 2.0.

Men have to be part of the drive for diversity & equality in leadership said Vivek Wadhwas.

Identity by books, Nicole & Maggie. I love books.

Leigh doesn’t NEED her job to pay the bills on a paycheck to paycheck basis. I Really Like This.

Clare breaks down the cost of Bringing Up Boris. Our neighbor just brought home an adorable new pup and from the slightly dazed look on the faces of the family, I suspect that this would be helpful to them. Think it’d be weird if I printed this up & taped it to their door?

I love dogs and elephants. They’re awesome, and even more so when they’re together. I love other animals too, of course.

Open Forum: What’s been awesome to or for you lately?

2 Responses to “Sharing is caring: Looking for the good”

  1. Hmm.. awesome.. stuff.. OH YEAH, BABY!! 🙂

    Other than that, the freedom to not have to worry about money because of upcoming baby.

  2. Clare says:

    Yes, print it! Thanks for including me. <3

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