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Good Eats: Food in Seattle, WA

April 11, 2014

PiC and I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Seattle. It was his first visit, my third, and we had a whole ambitious slate of things we wanted to explore. Predictably enough, my entire itinerary was foods and comics. His was a bit more high-brow: museums, nature, local sights.

We settled on a melange of friends, geekery, comics, trying great foods, and a little bit of sightseeing. Whatever we missed on this trip was added to the list for Next Time. There will be a next time!

And because I’m a sharing kind of person, some of my favorites:


Taylor Shellfish: Has limited seating, mainly high top tables and bar stools, probably fits about 25 people, if they’re awfully friendly, and their oysters are in open cases right next to the dining tables. It’s great. They have this fantastic chowder bar, offering two kinds of chowder, and for $6.50, you can have your fill of classic clam chowder or spicy geoduck chowder, and amazing dinner rolls.

I had to try their oysters, so that was a bit of a splurge as all oysters were > $2/each, and I think we all remember that I’m the greedy so and so who ordered FIFTY oysters the last time we oystered. No kidding, I broke PiC with that and this was the first time he’d even look at one since.

The Calf & Kid: A tiny cheese shop in the Melrose Market area, we literally stood there and gawked at all their cheeses. Egads I love cheese.

Cupcake Royale: We accompanied our friends to this coffee/cupcake/ice cream shop and good gravy but a regular cupcake priced at $3.65 is too rich for my blood. I had one anyway, vacation y’know, but it was just ok. Still, their designs were awesome.

Seattleites and Seattle experts: Do share any other must eat places that we should try Next Time!

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  1. Abigail says:

    Most of my faves are on the Ave in the U-District. Thai Tom is pretty darned good. Nassau teriyaki is probably horribly unauthentic but I like it. Incidentally, Thai Tom is a little hole in the wall. Maybe 25 people fit at a time, and it’s cash only. But during the school year you’ll still see people lined up. Twain Thai (see a letters here?) in Fremont is great. Wing Dome is pretty tasty too, though I suppose Buffalo Wild Wings does a lot of the same stuff. God I miss good Asian food.
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  2. I am so sorry I am just seeing this now! Things have been wackadoo lately and I am behind on all of my things.

    For play indoors: Go see the Science Centre! It is in the Seattle Centre, and may seem touristy but it is fun science-y fun and if you have a lazy afternoon to wander and poke at things like a kid, do itttt!

    For play outdoors: Gasworks Park! Have you been there? They took an old refinery and let it get all rusty and ridic and just left it as an urban playground right on the lake. Super fun, unique, and with great views. Lots of grass for sitting and just being.

    For foods: Baguette Box is great artisan sandwiches downtown. It’s a small space but one of those really great finds. Also the Wandering Goose on 15th for biscuit sandwiches and fried chicken (holy moley SO GOOD).

    Let me know when you are back so we can hang ouutttt! (Are you coming to PAX?)

    • Revanche says:

      Thanks for chiming in! I love these – food AND fun and grass.

      Unfortunately we won’t be there for PAX but will definitely let you know when we’re next around!

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