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Just a little (link) love: Parks and Rec edition

June 25, 2014


I don’t know why I never watched this show when it was on but now it’s free on Prime so I’m watching the hell out of it.

I love Leslie Knope even though her type of character would typically rub me the wrong way – her twist of finding a bright side in the most disastrous seeming situations is hilarious and totally foreign to me. I’m all about getting the job done, no matter what, but otherwise, I’m Ron Swanson about people and bacon. And going to things. Just about ever. (Also I didn’t think I could love Rob Lowe any more than I did when he was Sam on The West Wing. Wrong.)



Are women overly apologetic? I noticed, oh say, five or six years ago probably that I reflexively apologized as a precursor to asking for things, after asking for things that might inconvenience someone, or for a mistake I’d made that didn’t warrant an apology except I felt horrible about making the mistake. I’ve since consciously been substituting other words for “Sorry!” when those things come up because “Sorry”‘s a conversational crutch, much like “Um”.

My alternatives:
Pardon me. / Excuse me.
When you have five minutes, can we chat?
Oh I see what I did wrong there. *move on to a solution*
I have a suggestion, let me know when would be a good time to discuss.

The Food Part: I tried when they were relatively new and they were pretty fantastic, though too pricey for my budget so I’m thrilled they both expanded delivery zones AND their prices have dropped considerably. Pile excitement upon excitement! I asked a friend for a referral for a $10 credit, for which she gets a $10 credit (do let me know if you’re in their delivery areas of SF Bay and Seattle and would like a referral!) and am eagerly anticipating placing an order.
The Money Part: This was a nice Forbes write up on their business.


Maru, the smiling Shiba.

Booboo the guinea pig

Best owl.


On miscarriage and grieving.

On Sandra Oh. Regardless of my opinion of the show, I think she’s an amazing actress.

On hospital care and communicating with patients (or not)

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  1. NZ Muse says:

    Adore Sandra Oh.

    My new (female) boss I find is an interesting mix of getting stuff done and standing up for herself, but definitely also apologises quite a bit (I think mainly with us other female staff, possibly not with the higher ups).
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