Just a little (link) love: Half million milestones


SingleMa rides again!! Well, she posted a PF post on achieving a great milestone, at least, but it’s the same thing to me.

This is hugely exciting – she and started out this blogging life around the same time and her blog has always, in whatever form, been inspirational. We haven’t taken anywhere near the same path through life but we’ve shared determination to beat our goals and sow their ashes in a victory dance. Or is that last one just me? Anyway, I’m eyeballing our Net Worth, looking forward to when we can hit that and bigger goals.


J Money of Budgets are Sexy asks: What are you awesome at?

A reader story from My Money Blog looking at early retirement by 40.

Len Penzo on why you shouldn’t pay off the mortgage early.


Alan Tudyk on never playing the same role twice.

Your baby’s wearing a lemur. (hattip Nicole&Maggie)


NYTimes on boomerang kids.

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9 thoughts on “Just a little (link) love: Half million milestones

  1. HAH! I was just thinking about her the other day…. came across a link to her old site and it was gone and thought “Wonder what she’s up to now?” πŸ™‚ Making money apparently!

  2. I guess the comment section doesn’t like emoticons bc everything was eaten after the first one. Ok, so I’ll try this one last time without them. I also said…

    And thanks for the link love. So nice to be mentioned in the same space as veteran PF bloggers that I admire.

    Hey you two! I still read and subscribe to both of your blogs.

    *fingers crossed* Hope it posts my full comment this time. If not, then daggonit I quit! LOL!

    • Hah Sorry about that, I don’t know why it didn’t like your emoticons, it was fine with ours. Apparently yours just had too much love πŸ˜‰

      Happy that y’all vets are still around. I still read regularly, it’s good to see old friends in blogworld prospering.

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