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A Funny sort of day

August 21, 2014

Funny about Money, that is. I swear VH does more in a day than I do in some weeks but every so often, I find myself channeling her.

This was my version, recently….

1. Wake late for the second time. Having gone to sleep around 2-3 am after working too late, fail to appreciate Seamus’s charming morning check-in around 6:30 or 7 wherein he confirms I’m here and alive. I notice this is a thing that’s never concerned Doggle. PiC thankfully does their morning routine and I get a lick more sleep.

2. Rouse to give dogs their morning meds.

3. Swipe myself into some semblence of order and hygiene. Set down to work.

4. Check all the emails, clear out the FYI stuff that I cannot unsubscribe from but rarely read. Can’t filter because some subject lines are too similar.

5. Start a load of laundry.

6. Answer newbie questions.

7. Load the dishwasher. Ponder as my technique, not having grown up running a dishwasher, is still evolving. Recently had a long conversation with Anne of Unique Gifter about her technique and fabulous dishwasher. We haven’t had a successful, totally clean load for a few rounds now and I’m questioning everything: is the detergent crapped out? Is it my loading? Is it the washer? (I still think it’s me..)

8. Review the pile of stuff I have to check and approve.

9. Remember I haven’t eaten breakfast. It’s noon. Throw together something like a quesadilla; wave at Doggle who, whenever he’s saved part of his breakfast, will eat with me.

10. Cram food in my mouth as I clear more emails.

11. Start second load of wash.

12. Frantically run to a doctor’s appointment, find out it’ll take no less than an hour. Goody.

13. Get home and dive back into work, juggling Swagbucks on the side.

14. Remember that I haven’t finished booking parts of our upcoming trip and take a break to get that done.

15. Synapses connect and realize that the first load of wash was super heavy because it was still too wet, not because I was weak with hunger. Drag it back out and toss it in for an extra spin. Thankful we have an extra spin option and that I didn’t start the dryer while I let that puzzle simmer.

16. Seamus still needs a sitter for a while and we’ve struck out with half a dozen possibilities and another half a dozen options never answered. Not impressed with DogVacay at this point but neither am I thrilled about (or even mildly happy with) kennel options.

17. Start to stress out big time. Have a vent on Twitter to a couple friends for ten minutes to blow off steam, then buckle back down.

18. Read all the fine print of booking train tickets. Way too much silliness to do with times and delivery options. Everyone should let us print at home or view the email on phone screen as standard options that don’t cost extra!!

19. Post-booking, comb through TripIt itinerary to delete the last bits of my last mistake: booked a hotel near a train station but wrong train station. And then wrong date. Luckily hotel reservations are the easiest thing to cancel or rebook as long as you remember to actually do it.

20. Start to breathe, stop again as I dive back answering newbie emails and my own projects.

21. Resurface briefly to throw dinner ingredients in the oven. Thank whatever that while I joke that PiC has to eat what I make, he’s actually quite happy to. He supplements my baked chicken breasts topped with sliced onions, tomatoes and lemon with a garlic onion green bean concoction. Was that with butter? I can’t tell. It was great but a touch salty, mine was good but a touch dry. I could really go for a steak right now. Baked potato on the side. Cooked by someone not me.

22. Back to work.

23. Oh but stop and translate a menu. As a favor to PiC whose hands were already full with related organizing, I took over arranging a dinner for a horde of people. But the menu required translation first and in doing so, I culled most of it, making an executive decision we’d have a set menu with few choices and those would be whatever I could translate. Kick the whole multi-course list to PiC for approval and mentally plan to make up a survey to collect orders tomorrow.

24. Back to work and Swagbucks. This is all meant to fund some ongoing expenses we have and alleviate the pinch on our cash flow. Since I’m in front of the computer anyway, most days I can eke out some points without too much distraction. Other days I let it distract me from buckling down which isn’t good.

25. Drag all the dry laundry out and shake it out on the guest bed. PiC will be a good soul and actually make up the bed later.

26. Fold and store the dog towels, hang the guest towels. Things are coming together.

27. More work. Fight with Amazon for an hour for being stupid and stealing my gift card money weeks before shipping my subscribe and save items. What’s up with that?? Hugely annoyed.

28. Write up some more guidelines for people who’ll need them. Realize I could work straight through the next morning but then I’d be all discombobulated for Seamus’s vet appointment.

I keep thinking that if I power through just one or two more days, it’ll all come together but that’s starting to sound like a load of hooey. Serves me right bringing home Seamus! Among other things…

7 Responses to “A Funny sort of day”

  1. Clare says:

    I’m inspired by this post. I should write one of what my days look like lately with work / wedding planning / Boris / etc.
    Clare recently posted…Why You Drink and How to Stop: A ReviewMy Profile

    • Revanche says:

      The sad thing is this is less busy than it was 2 weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure it’s just going to get worse ๐Ÿ™‚ eeep!

      How IS planning going?

  2. Wow! That’s one long day without sleep. I hope you had some time to pour yourself a cup of coffee.
    Money Pincher recently posted…Money Pincherโ€™s Kitchen: Yummy Cheap EatsMy Profile

  3. Eek! It’s Funny on steroids!

    Hope you get a day (soon) with nothin’ much going on.
    Funny about Money recently posted…$4333 an Hour??My Profile

  4. I usually sleep late at night too and wake up every 5:30 A.M. because my daughter has a 7:00 AM class. But every night while I’m sleeping, I can’t count how many times I wake up just to check if I have any messages and also Facebook. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kate @ Money Propeller recently posted…Ways that Hiring a VA has been So Good for Me!My Profile

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