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Puppy Liberation League: Extraction is a go

August 11, 2014

Hattip to Kelly for suggesting the code name, it gave me a chuckle over a rough time.

We recently took Sibling’s dog (we’ll call him #2 for now) home with us.

The most stressful part, the extrication, was almost as stressful as I had anticipated, though I’m grateful it didn’t have to turn into a dognapping. My dad wasn’t terribly helpful, and in fact I’d asked PiC to hang back with him since Sibling is historically belligerent when it comes to anyone else asking him to do anything. That, as it turns out, was for the best. The conversation was difficult, meandering in and out of his delusions – as if I needed further confirmation that he wasn’t mentally stable – but I was able to state pretty clearly the terms of the extrication: this was all to help #2 as best we could and we didn’t know how long it’d take. He was compliant which suggests that he only sort of listened but I had reiterated the very few talking points multiple times, and stated them again in front of my dad so that he’d be aware of what we agreed to, once Sibling agreed to let him leave with us.

I’d secured appointments for #2 two weeks in advance, adding to an already jam packed week: a slew of appointments for me and PiC together, me solo, and guests in town to boot.

So of course, the best laid plans …

Originally, we were slated for:

Pre-surgical Bloodwork: $80
Rabies vaccine: $15
Distemper/parvo vaccine: $15
Neuter: $150
Microchip: $15
Nail Trim: $5

Then we were going to address the bigger things.

After an initial exam, we were advised to deal with the bigger problems first instead of looking at the routine stuff.  We visited the vet and $400 later, we came home with a slew of medications to alleviate #2’s pain and discomfort and I’ve been on the dogs’ schedules ever since.

The biggest adjustments:

Learning #2’s signals. He had an accident in the house because he’d asked me to take him out but I was so sleepy I didn’t understand what that particular tail wag meant. This is further complicated by the side effects of the medications he’s on, they increase his thirst and need to urinate. He’s doing his best to signal properly and we’re doing our best to take him out a lot more frequently to help his transition from being an outdoor to indoor dog.

Sharing time and space with Doggle. We now have two large dogs, who both want to be petted at the same time if you’re petting one, or walked together (even though they walk at totally different paces and don’t match strides at ALL), or fed together. They don’t fight, thank goodness, and #2 is great at BEING at Number 2, always deferring to Doggle, but you’re still now tripping over two dogs who want to be Right There. Doggle’s also not terribly sure about this interloper so he shoulder bumps #2 out of the way a lot. Again, no fighting, though.

Energy. Five. Walks. A Day. Two. Baths. A Week. *falls over*

I think we’re heading toward $600 so far, and we haven’t even gotten truly started on the serious veterinary stuff yet as it looks like his allergies may be the least of it.  :/

Still, given how badly this could have gone, we’re mildly optimistic so far.

5 Responses to “Puppy Liberation League: Extraction is a go”

  1. Clare says:

    I love the code name for the operation. Like I said before, you and PiC are total saints. The dog is lucky to have you. I hope he gets to stay with you (or a more capable forever home) for good.
    Clare recently posted…Why You Drink and How to Stop: A ReviewMy Profile

    • Revanche says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’m exhausted but am hoping this works out! It’s a bit of a stopgap measure, with regard to the family as well :/

  2. Sally says:

    Good stuff! I already have the mental image of the two of them wanting to be petted at the same time…so funny. How is #2 overall, health wise? Is he going to stay with you guys permanently?
    Sally recently posted…We Became Parents for Two Weeks and It Was OverwhelmingMy Profile

    • Revanche says:

      Because of the complicated family stuff, I don’t know what the far future plans are; at the moment we’re taking it one step at a time. He’s not terribly off, but he definitely needs a fair bit of love, attention and regular care.

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