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Just a little (link) love: SQUIRREL edition

October 15, 2015



“Do what you love” is overly simplistic, in my opinion. It was something I once exhorted my peers to do, as a naive and relatively inexperienced youngun in my late teens. I quickly discovered that if you failed to love the right things, the money would not follow. I’d expect better from Buffett but he happened to choose the right things to love. Try majoring in English sometime, or working for the good of your fellow humans in social work. You’ll quickly learn that the money isn’t there no matter how fiercely you love it, and you only get Christmas Day off, if that: Do what you love disguises the fact that being able to choose a career primarily for personal reward is an unmerited privilege, a sign of that person’s socioeconomic class.

G. Willow Wilson makes a great point that while the writer looks at it as a new versus old feminism problem, we have a “seen but not heard” culture about kids. I agree with her that it’s weird how every single one of us was a kid once but there are so many people who are intolerant of kid noise in a way they’re not intolerant of drunks, or parties, or other nonsense.


The potatoing: MY POTATO! For those of you who don’t click links, this is too funny to miss, so search “storify paul and storm nerdcon stories potato” and it should be the first link.

Chivalry: “There are no prizes for being chivalrous, other than the prize of being a decent god damn human. This is because the people who chivalry was invented for were so fucking rich that prizes were totally meaningless to them.”

I’m only sentimental about weddings when they’re for couples I know well and whose relationship feels real to me (vs the obligatory invite weddings where I don’t know anyone at all) but the wedding report for #2 gave me the warm fuzzies.


Motherhood: “But just because the question can be answered doesn’t mean that I ought to answer it, or that it ought to be asked. The interviewer’s question was indecent, because it presumed that women should have children, and that a woman’s reproductive activities were naturally public business. More fundamentally, the question assumed that there was only one proper way for a woman to live.”

This almost killed PiC. You’re welcome:

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  1. OMG that squirrel in her hands!!!! It makes me think of Baby Bun because I could SO SEE HIM DOING THIS.
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