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Just a little (link) love: love music must dance edition

May 11, 2017


What is the most interesting thing going on in the world right now?

My focus has always been on growing my career and I’m proud of the results thus far.

Nuns are selling weed and that’s great? So why are we also jailing many people of color for using or selling much smaller amounts? #confused 

This is an old post but I still love the simple living mantra

Knitted jumpers! For elephants!! 

Thanks to SaverSpender for this link to the X plan for our kids’ safety

5 Ways to Teach Kids About Consent: We already do all of these things. I especially can’t bear watching parents run the guilt trip on their kid for not wanting to hug or kiss. I know how it feels to be rejected by your kid but it’s temporary. Let them have bodily autonomy, geez. And teach them to respect “no”.  

Can “13 Reasons Why” Really Trigger Suicides?

Drones better stay away from the airspace over my property, I’ll tell you that much.

Gotta dance

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  1. Yes, drones can get amazing footage. That’s definitely true. But.

    To my child, they sound like a thousand bees swarming over her. And, actually, that’s what they sound like to me, too. So the day we were at the beach, and some jackass hovered his drone over us before sending it out over the water? Yeah, she was terrified. And then he brought it back and hovered it again. So.

    We were on the beach, and the bottom of a small cliff, and he was by his car at the top of the cliff. I scrambled up and yelled at him for a solid five minutes. He insisted that he was “licensed by the FAA,” and I said, “Really? You have a license that a commercial company can’t get?”

    He was not licensed by the FAA. The FAA doesn’t issue drone licenses. They *register* them, but that is not a license. And this wasn’t some kid; it was a 40- or 50-something engineer or lawyer (probably not lawyer–he would have mentioned) who couldn’t be bothered to take two steps forward and look down to see if anyone was below him.

    I already wasn’t a fan of having drones around me, but that experience made me livid. I’m not at all surprised that some of them get shot at. Or have other things happen, like this:
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    • Revanche says:

      What a total jerk. I don’t know what percentage of drone users are like this but they shouldn’t be allowed to just fly over any property and people they want, recording without consent!

  2. Interesting links. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
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